head gasket is toast (99 neon)?

yes i know it's really not a good idea to drive it like this, the oil just pours out, problem is i'm due to have a baby and need this car to get me about half an hours drive away, are there any ways i can get it to run this far without blowing the engine totally? i plan on getting it fixed as soon as baby is born, i dont want to have a kid in the waiting room of my mechanic :-/ ?

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    this sounds more to be a valve cover gasket on the top of the motor or it can also be a plug in the back of the over head camshaft at the end of the valve cover towards the driver side of the car! usually the head gasket will leak antifreeze into the motor and the car will miss ,and smell really bad and it will also smoke a white color look at the exhaust pipe at the rear of the car usually wipe your finger on the outside of the pipe and smell it it might just be wet and smell like antifreeze then you do have a head gasket problem! check your oil and make sure its full if not add to it and take extra motor oil along with you also check your oil and see if there is water in the oil or the end of the dip stick looks white milky color

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    Do you have an honest mechanic? If so get an honest opinion. I think it would be much worse to have a baby on the side of the highway in a busted neon. No quick fix for a head gasket but get a second opinion cuz a head gasket usually has coolant issues and if your leaking coolant into your oil the engine wont last long.

    It might just be a valve cover gasket...easy fix. Don't want to insult the person who diagnosed you car but just trying to cover all grounds. If its just leaking oil try to keep it full .

    Goodluck with the baby and congrats.

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    It depends on how bad it is leaking. If it is dripping in the driveway after driving it, I would fill the oil and drive it. But, if it is leaking while running in the driveway, to the point where it is creating a pool of oil, you will probably not make it to the hospital before locking up the engine.

    For the record, for all the people above me that stated that this should be a valve cover gasket or coolant leaking along with it, this is a VERY COMMON problem with the 2.0l/2.4l 4 cylinder Chrysler engine. The are rarely associated with a coolant loss condition or intermix condition.

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    You could have a bad valve cover gasket if the oil just pours out and that is your main problem. A valve cover gasket is MUCH cheaper and is relatively easy and quick to fix. Get it checked out before you go and pay someone to replace your head gasket.

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    this could properly be a uncomplicated difficulty with this engine and definite this could worsen.The oil passes throught the pinnacle gasket below tension to feed the cam and lifters,there is not any speedy therapy to patch it which will artwork for any quantity of time.additionally examine the drivers end of the clyinder head,you will stumble on a plastic cam conceal that has an rubber o-ring in it that reasons a leak.in case you have been to have the gasket fastened you're able to resell for a greater effective fee.

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    Go a head and drive it as long as you can afford a new engine. You might as well put butter on your toast.That just sucks Look at the bright side congrats on your baby.

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    Depends where the oil is leaking from.keep topping it up with oil if it runs out of oil u may seize the motor.But it could be a $5gasket required?

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