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need to find a owners manual for a s&w 40.does anyone have or know where i can get one.?

i am a private collector and when i bought this gun it was with out one.any help would be helpfull i can be reached by e-mail at

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    Academy Sporting Goods.

    I'm getting a Ruger P95 soon.

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    I only have 2 suggestions. First go to Smith&Wesson website (contact us) and give them a call they are very heplful with things of this.

    2.) go here and see if this is what your looking for; -

    There are many Models of the S&W 40. you really need to be more specific with the Model you have and are looking for.

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    Call S&W. they will send you one in the mail and it's free. If you go to a gun shop you will spend $5 - $15 on one.

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    smith & wesson customer support is very good. Go to

    These are online manuals, but if you need a hard copy just give them a call, they might send you one for free.

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    Should be here. Write S&W and they may send you a printed one. Good luck.

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    Try the S&W website

  • If you go to an arms shop, they may be able to order one for you, otherwise, i'd try ebay.

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    I've found manuals on E-Bay......Check in Sports.......

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