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Have you ever seen a ghost/poltergeist?

I haven't. Just curious to hear from people who have.

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    Yes/Yes.... First of I am not crazy, let me make that clear. I was also a skeptic.

    Ghosts all over dude. So many stories, some on tape and pics. I live in the southwest so just any lodge, old hotel, abandoned building will have something there.

    Yes they do exist.

    Poltergeists were actually alot more scary when I was a child. Because I didn't know what was happening. Imagine your non tech-savvy grandma seeing a laptop for the first time.

    As I got older, I literally chased after any sightings visited old mines,caverns and "spiritual" hot-spots, just for the adventure.

    For the uninitiated, you're in for a shock the first time, your body just feels numb, your pores just open, like a sponge being squeezed.

    Most of the time I soon learned, was not because of the place but rather the personification of a true evil, maybe unintended consequence of people like you and I playing with fire.

    In short, all those things that people are quick to shun truly are out there. Like I just answered too, the less we know about them, the more dangerous they are.


    Sorry but the guy above me swedelutheran? or W/E. Sorry to pick on you man, but you are what is considered a "lame" believer. Meaning You probably believe all the goody , lovey dovey stuff of the Bible, but refuse to accept the more "Scary" stuff.

    Therefore, you're defenses are the least built-up.. You will fall to any low level enemy.. So yeah.

    Off the top of my head here, As far as the Brothers of the book (Jewish, Christian, Muslim) are concerned it tells you what these strange things are! Start reading the following books of the Bible:

    Mark, Corinthians(both), Revelation, Samuel, Ezekiel, Matthew. Romans. Isaiah.

    Cross reference with Josephus' Work, As well as the non edited Masoretic text (pre Roman editing.) Outside Work (always have it when skeptics say things like "well, yeah if you believe the bible" and so forth.) Egyptian Papyrus' (history of pagan origins.) And maybe some Esoteric writings..

    See, the problem is not whether you believe they exist or not. The Fact is your enemy does believe, and no better target is there than a person without the knowledge.

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    One morning while waking up I was laying on my bed on my side fracing the wall and at the foot of the bed behind me i felt the corner sag as if someone sat there. I immediately flipped over and kicked at the spot only to find empty air. I then rushed out and checked the door, it was locked and the chain was secure. Then I went room to room and made sure I was alone in my apartment. Then I finally dismissed the whole thing to my imagination. Still though, it felt very real and when I think about the memory I am almost positive it was real... but it couldn't have been... could it?

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    I think I may have seen a ghost once. I took a photograph of myself while facing a mirror and an image of an old man with glasses appeared on the photo once developed. I used a flash. The image has since dissappeared and it is not on the negative either. My mother was the only witness to the ghostly image before it was gone.

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    I have a friend who is a professional paranormal investigator. He showed me photos of orbs floating near a gravestone in the Rhode Island area. On the other hand I once saw the refection of a green glowing face just for a second in a window. And on one occassion woke up felt myself being pulled by my legs from my bed for a second and tried yelling and no sound came out of my mouth. I then became fully conscious and looked on the floor near the bed and my friends puppy had his mouth open with a little foam coming out. That was around 1979. I will never forget it.

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    ghosts just don't fit. By this, I mean: if you are a christian, you believe that the soul goes to either heaven or hell. If you're atheist, you believe that nothing happens, you die and that's that. Where do ghosts fit in? If there were such things as ghosts, they obviously fit into neither realm. What then? From either a worldly stand-point or a christian stand-point, they just don't fit it. I've never seen one nor have I seen good proof that they exist - I've only heard people's BS stories. And their all the same. They were alone or with another person and it was dark and they heard a noise and then they saw some weird figure... whatever, believe what you want, i suppose

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    Well its hard to tell whether you've seen one or not sometimes because for some it could be a "figment of your imagination." But ghosts or spirits do exist. there have been a couple times i thought ive seen them but i cant realy say for a fact thats what i saw if thats what you mean. but yes it is possible, people are capable of seeing these things if their minds are open enough to it.

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    I have seen many ghosts. Some pleasant, some unpleasant. I never see them when I want to, and when I do its kind of a fleeting moment. Most scare me a bit, because I wasn't expecting it when I saw it.

    I don't hang out in graveyards any more thats for sure!


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    yes, I have seen shadows, a ghostly foot lol, have proof pictures and even seen one laying in the bed next to me before.

    weird stuff but you know when you have lived with it your whole life you get used to it.

    Especially when you realize they cant harm you, just spook ya a little.

    We are sometimes a fraid of what we dont understand or you know, things we arnt used to seeing. I was spooked at first but got used to it and understand it now.

    :) Now its really cool.

    But im still jumpy and a little scared of what Im gonna find when I take ghost hunting pictures around hte house :P

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    I don't believe in the after life, although I am bringing a change of underwear. It is impossible to experience one's death objectively and still carry a tune. It's not that I'm afraid to die, I just don't want to be there when it happens. Life is divided into the horrible and the miserable. ( woody allen )

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    I have lived in three haunted houses and all three I still believe were not haunted but demon infested. I had a housekepper try voodoo to rid the house of the evila nd I tried wicca, to no advail, so my conclusion was, it wasn't the dead I was dealing with.

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