what is a good board game to buy for a teenager? how about for a kid?

I am open to all suggestions. obviously they will not receive it for xmas. But I do want to buy one as a way of promoting "family time"

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    Scrabble is great fun for family setting, as is Monopoly, though I prefer the computer version because waiting for the banker to count out money, deeds, players trading all make the game last forever and if you look back then you realize you spent most of the game sitting there waiting and not playing.

    For 2 players you can't beat Battleship. Chess is great exercise for the brain but can be a turnoff for the casual gamer. Stratego is excellent fun too. I loved that game when I was a kid.

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    You have to get trouble for the little one as it only has a bubble in the middle with a die. And the rest is pretty self explanatory moving the pieces the number on the die. For the older one try to find a game called catchphrase. While it is not a board game it promotes great family time and will draw many people of all ages to play and it is fairly easy to learn

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    I agree with many of the suggestions listed previously and kind of want to sum them up by saying "Go with the Classics", games that will move with a person from house to house and not be tossed in six months.

    If you are looking for family time then multiple player board games (not keybboard) are the way to go. Monopoly, Scrabble, Clue are all great. If you have younger kids who want to join in then maybe something simpler like Parcheesi or Sorry. If you have a really competitive family then maybe Risk or Diplomacy. And my personal favorite for family play is not quite a board game; Yahtzee!

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    I don't know about the kid, but for probably 12+ year olds, an awesome board game is Settlers of Catan. It isn't one of those games that is just based purely on luck, there is some thinking involved which is good. I was first introduced to this game about 3 or 4 years ago and it's still fun to play.

    Source(s): here's pretty good explanation of what it is: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Settlers_of_Catan
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    Cranium is so fun to play! My friends and I play it when there's nothing to do and we don't feel like going out. I would highly recommend it for a teenager, you'll both get a lot of laughs.

    For a child, depending on how old... Twister is really fun, also Monopoly Jr.is easy to grasp for at least a 6 or 7 year old.

    If they are over 10, Scrabble is fun suprisingly.

    Source(s): I have a lot of siblings!!!
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    I additionally purchase my teenagers a lot of toys. I cant help it. while we moved between the movers reported " replaced into there a sell at toy's r us, purchase one get the entire shop loose." LOL. So i can understand the place you're coming from. yet however my teenagers dont somewhat play with there toys very lots by using fact they have maximum of. So i can understand what your sister is saying too. while my teenagers birthday and yule comes alongside that's sooo no longer uncomplicated for my relatives to get my teenagers something reason they have each thing. Me and my husband are attempting to decrease decrease back now on paying for them toys. My husband is interior the army and that i'm a stay at domicile mom so we too dont have a lot of money. however the sensation of being able to furnish my teenagers issues that they choose for and choose on is a tremendous feeling for a be sure.

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    Unfortunately board games in this day and age are more than likely to leave your child simply bored of the game. How about learning how to play some of the PlayStation/Nintendo games your children play? You are never too old, and it does wonders for your hand eye coordination. Once you have mastered some of they things they like to do then I am sure they will reciprocate by playing some of the games board games you used to play, then you can bust out the old Monopoly, Risk and my personal favorite Scrabble.

    Be sure to say something corny like "I'm gonna take you to school baby........the old school!!!" then as you roll the dice without a doubt say "BoooooYaaaaaa!!!"

    Source(s): Hell if I know, I'm crazy.
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    For teenagers:

    I recommend Clue. It's a great educational thinking game and involves strategy.

    For kids:

    Cranium is great. Fun and creative.

    Life is also good. Shows kids the importance of money and life.

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    Monopoly and you could make up your own board game!! Me and my family made it up as we went along it was awesome!!!

    But for a teenager try Clue,Monopoly, and Scene It's

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