Can you still breast-feed when your pregnant?

I have heard that if you breastfeed during pregnancy, it can take nutrients away from the fetus.

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    * Some people (including some obstetricians) might tell you that you shouldn't nurse while you're pregnant, as it may harm your fetus. There is no need to worry about this unless you are severely malnourished (which you should never be, especially if you are pregnant or lactating).

    * They might tell you that nursing during pregnancy might increase the risk of miscarriage. While it is true that nursing causes uterine contractions (due to the hormone oxytocin), there is no evidence that this may lead to a miscarriage. In fact, you will experience more severe uterine contractions during orgasm. If your doctor hasn't told you to avoid sex during pregnancy, nursing is perfectly safe too. If your doctor has told you to avoid sex, find out why. If uterine contractions are not among the reasons, then nursing is still safe.

    * You might experience some breast and nipple tenderness during pregnancy, especially in the first trimester. You need to decide whether you are willing to nurse anyway, or whether you would rather wean. If you choose to continue nursing, you can take some comfort in the fact that the tenderness is likely to decrease soon. If you wean, your child might want to resume nursing when the new baby is born. See tandem nursing before you make your decision.

    * Some time during your pregnancy, your milk will decrease and its taste will change. It will eventually change into colostrum. Many toddlers wean themselves when this happens. Some, however, are happy to continue nursing. Either way, the decision to tandem nurse or not is yours.

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    yes you can still breast feed during pregnancy as long as you are producing'd just have to keep up your nutrients for your body and the fetus as well as the current feeder.

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    i would say yes but your body is going to take the toll for it i messed up and stoped breast feeding because i thought my milk wouldne be any good with out the nutrients and the doctor told me that my body will rob its self to feed the baby same as when your pregnant so your body would be robbing its self double time so you would definately have to take your prenatals and eat a verry heathy diet just to keep your self alive good luck dear

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    breast feeding wont hurt your unborn mother nature makes sure of that just eat healthy stay away from booze and drugs breast feeding is the best way to give your child the nutreints it needs and dont worry about the unborn child it wont hurt it

    congrats on new new one in the oven

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    Yes..did so with 3 of 6 pregnancies. It's harder on your body so make sure you get good nutrition and lots of water.

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    As long as you eat well, it shouldn't be a problem.

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    as long as you eat enough and healthy you should be fine

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    Breastfeeding one and pregnant again. Wow. Let me guess, no insurance right? Taxpayers will be paying for this one, too?

  • 1 decade ago

    i wouldnt do it

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