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what is mean by best friend?

my best friend is not behaving as i though of her . what should i do

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    If she is truly your best friend then you should be willing to weather anything that may come up. I hope you know how lucky you are to have a friend that you consider so highly.

    Give her some space. Be there when she needs to talk. As time goes on gently ask her how she is. Do not assume you know what is wrong and do not tell her so. Let her know that you are there and just BE THERE. Sometimes that is difficult, but if you value this relationship you will do it.

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    depends on how long you've known her and much time you have invested in your freindship....

    talk to her first

    if not much changes after a talk and a day or two, find some new friends


    there are of course a few exceptions, but for the most part (especially in HS) girls only care about themselves in the long run.

    This will change as you get older, but right now I would just ignore her and do your own thing for a while.

    good luck:)

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    To me a best friend is someone I can talk to about anything and no matter what, she understands and accepts where youre coming from and what you mean. Have you tried talking to her and asking her whats wrong?

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    get a new best friend

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    you expected something of her. she may have lead you on or you may have misread the signals. find out which, and decide then wether you wish to stay friends

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    Tell her how you feel and see if you can resolve the problem.


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    Slap some submission into her. Then tell Her that she NOT do dat again!!!!...>:{

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