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I don't know what to do.?

How do you let someone you really love/care about down easy? How do you tell someone something that is totally important, but your afraid to. How do you stop thinking about someone 24hrs. a day?

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    its called love, ur always thinkin about them.... with the question, jus be straight up with him, if its really important u gotta tell him, not jus that, u love him and u should tell him it b/c he matters to u

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    lol! thats alot of questions. if ur trynda dump the person in an easy way tell them u would rather be friends. if u hav sumthin really important 2 tell sum1 just tell them no matter wat it is. u cant stop thinkin about sum1 24/7 bcuz u love them...u would need 2 get distracted by sum1 of sumthin,but u will end ^ thinkin about them later.

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    tell them they deserve someone better.

    email the important thing you;re afraid to say.

    you can't control your thoughts, they will have to fade naturally

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