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How can I obtain a copy of my birth certificate?

I lost all the copies of my birth certificate and I need to obtain a new one to get my drivers license. I live in West Covina, CA and was born and raised here in the US.

Thanks in advance.

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    You can see from the multiplicity of answers, all of which may be correct in various places, that it would be very helpful to know the location of your birth in order to give a more specific answer to your question.

    By the way, if you were born in L.A. County, the Recorder is no longer in the Hall of Records, which itself is not in City Hall. The Recorder is in Norwalk, but you can get birth records through the mail. See

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    Go downtown to the Hall of Records department of City Hall. You will have to pay a minimal fee for the certificate. About $15. Have your identification card with picture on it, and your social security card. If you do not have an ID card, use a credit card, and any other document you have. especially with a photo. It won't be hard. Without a photo ID, they will ask you questions about your personal information, when you were born, etc. If you have an old school ID, great! Use it. No Problem. Merry Christmas!

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    Depends on where you were born. I found this site on the Internet and it says it can get you it and gives you the choice of city, state, and county. I will cost more than actually making the direct request to the Bureau of Vital Statistics in the county where you were born.

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    I believe you call the department of vital statistics for California. I remember i needed a copy of mine as well. I think the cost for getting a new one issued is $22 or somewhere around there, but don't quote me for sure on that one. I think you can obtain one without having to go in anywhere, and just by calling in.....i wish i knew for sure, but i believe thats how it worked. You'll need things like mothers maiden name, things of that sort. You should know anything they need though. Good luck!

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    Go to your home town and go to the secretary of state or something. Or ask the people at the Secretary of state or the place where you register for a new drivers license.

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    No such thing. You have got to contact the suitable authorities within the location the place you were born and pay for an legit reproduction. You can't get this without spending a dime on-line. Every state requires you to pay expenses and expenses.

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    Just call the hospital that you were born at and talk to someone in the records dept. and you just have to give them your info and they will mail it to you. It'll cost you though but not much.

    I had to get my bf's birth certificate for him and it only cost $15 i think and we got it in like a week or so.

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    Go to the city hall or town hall in the town you were born, Your birth has to be registered there. The charge is minimal.

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    From the Board of Health Dept. in your respective State.

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    No such ingredient. you may touch the suited government interior the placement the place you have been born and pay for an decent replica. you won't be able to get this for loose on line. each state calls for you to pay expenses and expenses.

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