What is the best mortgage lender in Arizona.?

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    I believe HomeBanc does business in all 50 states, and you can apply on line.

    Consider this....

    HomeBanc Mortgage Corporation, an Atlanta-based firm that traces its ancestry to a bank chartered in 1929. In the early 1990s HomeBanc was a small company with about 150 employees, only one office outside Georgia, and mortgage volume of about $500 million. By early 2005 the company had grown to some 1,200 employees, twenty-two branches in Georgia, Florida, and North Carolina, and more than $6 billion in mortgage volume. CEO Pat Flood's loyalty-based strategy depends heavily on repeat business and referrals, and it works. The company does little consumer advertising, yet growth in mortgage originations has exceeded 25 percent a year for the past decade, more than double the market average. The average Net Promoter Score in the mortgage industry is 3 percent; HomeBanc's latest figure exceeds 80 percent.

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    Go with a mortgage broker. Actually, feel free to go with several mortgage brokers. I know, I am a mortgage broker. Find one that is reputable and they will automatically shop for the best lender for that particular day. Yes, I said day. You aren't shopping for the best lender, let's be real, you are shopping for the cheapeast. It changes daily. Also, it depends on your credit. If you have crap for credit, then it doesn't really matter who is the best. You just need to find the lender that will give you a loan that you can afford. I am a Georgia mortgage broker (and cannot help you), but I have Bank of Arizona as one of my lenders. If you are self employed or have less than stellar credit, they are a great lender. Again, I recommend a local mortgage broker to shop for the best rate available on the day you are ready to pull the trigger. Best of luck.

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    Why Arizona? You can go online and talk to any lender. There are no boundreis these days. We got our mortgage that way. We got a better rate too. Don't worry just filling out a form will genrate lots of interest for lenders.

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    1 decade ago

    United Home Funding is the leader in Arizona. Call me direct at 419-360-1404 so we can get an application submitted for you.

    Steve Arnold

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  • 1 decade ago

    Hey ,

    you are from AZ . Where are you in Phoenix, Scottsdale , Preoria ????????

    Tell me the detailed information of your house ,what is the value of your house ? What is the ratio you are interested in . Also provide me the credit score . Then i will see how the best deal with my lenders can be ??Else i will ask you to go to some other agent who (if possible) can provide you a better deal .

    Write to me at kishaloy_bhowmick@yahoo.com or call me at 480.751.4125 .

    I stay in Deer Valley .



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