What has the United States done for Canada?

In the last 100 years, What has the United States done for Canada, Financially, Politically, or just as a good neighbor,

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    In terms of economics a lot Canada has a good sugar daddy for excess goodies they can export to the Untied States.

    Great Britian was gone Canada had no option but to trade more with the United States.

    Canada and America are neighbors, and Austraila and New Zeland have kind of same set up as does UK and Ireland. Britian breeds good twin and bad twin nations it seems in History.

    Duality of America, Canada serves each other interest perfectly well. I go to the store most of the potato chips, junk food come from Canada probadly because of distance shipping cost.

    Financally the banks in Canada run like they are in scotland, and in the Untied States they are set up like they are in England. Both have similar legal system, but America tends to be more latin American with the presidental system for a leader, while Canada has a prime minister.

    Both will be annoying each other for the 100 years, and British investors will still pour money in both countries because the legal , cultural affinity make it easy to do business there at times than France.

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    i've got been learning this variety of stuff for a whilst, and that i'm gonna be uncomplicated with you. you have in all threat heard human beings say u.s. is the terrific us of a in the international, however the reality is that it is not, you're able to in all threat have a greater effective existence in Canada, why? a million) Canada has a greater effective healthcare gadget than the U. S., and it is likewise liberate there. 2) Canada has a decrease unemployment fee and better wages than the U. S.. 3) Canada has a greater effective training gadget 4) there is far less racism in Canada than u.s. 5) much less crime in Canada 6) much less pollutants 7) there is far less governmental corruption up there 8) they have not got any wars with anybody (in actuality, they stood as much as u.s. whilst they have been provided to connect the missle protection software) 9) there is far less surveillance in Canada than u.s. (so which you be attentive to the government isn't watching you) 10) Canada is the 6th happiest us of a in the international, the U. S. i think of got here in at eleventh i'm no longer all against u.s., i became born in the U. S. and that i think of it somewhat is a brilliant place to stay and the individuals are extraordinary, yet i'm getting ill of each and all the stuff our government's doing like going to war with different international locations, undesirable politics and attack commercials, etc. My element is that u.s. has maximum of issues and individuals think of that u.s. is the terrific place to stay whilst they do no longer even a element approximately the different us of a different than for the crap they see on television shows or the information. even nonetheless i became born in the U. S., i could extremely stay in Canada

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    Speaking of lumber, our American 'friends' put an illegal tarriff on our lumber extracting billions of dollars from us when we are supposed to have free trade.

    If they pay back the $5,000,000,000.00 that they owe us then we'll talk about all the good things that the US has to offer. And they do have many good things to offer, its just that they tend to hide them behind their loud mouth in-your-face attitude toward everything.

    I suppose in that sense the US has done a lot for Canada. You have helped our unity. Even separation-rabid French Canadians don't want to be part of the US.

    Its nice that they're 'looking' at a free trade deal when they actually signed one more than twenty years ago. No wonder free trade is just another cover-up for slanted trade practices.

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    Canada is US's largest trade partner. Many canadians come to USA for jobs and many are famous actors.

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    We've signed new trade agreements, a lot of them for lumber, which helps strengthen CA's economy. We have the largest energy trade in the world. We're looking at a free trade agreement which helps us both.

    Also, I think we make CA look better than they might otherwise have in recent years. LOL!

    Source(s): www.state.gov/r/pa/ei/bgn/2089.htm
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    We helped fill many man slots during WWII in the raf. We have been the driving force and contributor of NORAD. We are good neighbors. The canadians were there for us during Katrina and I feel very confident they would be there for us in any other disaster, just as we would be there for them.

  • Bad M
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    1 decade ago

    We give warm home to the ex pat Canadians tired of the cold & wanting to see a doctor within a month's time.

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    nothing.. USA does things for USA. Canada does for Canada. If we work together it's because we're partners.

  • DAR
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    1 decade ago

    They seem to like NAFTA (I don't.) However, what do they need? If they need something, let us know.

    We're cool with Canada.

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    1 decade ago

    We took Alannis Morrisette and Avril Lavigne. what more do you want from us?

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