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What has Canada done for the United States?

Generally speaking, what has Canada done for the US, something signifigant?

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    I would say Canada has done lot of significant things for the USA. Most of them the US public would know nothing about, or choose to forget because it shines a light on someone else than themselves. What matters most to many in the USA, is what they have done -not what others have done for them. That their army is bigger. That they have more weapons (which are bought from Canada, by the way). Take this for example:

    The Canadian Caper was the unofficial name given to the covert rescue by the government of Canada of six American diplomats who evaded capture during the seizure of the United States embassy in Tehran, Iran by Iranian students on November 4, 1979, precipitating the Iran Hostage Crisis. The American public showed a high degree of gratitude for Canadian efforts in rescuing American diplomatic staff in the wake of the Iran hostage crisis. I bet most people in the USA knows nothinga about that.

    That is just one thing out of many in history that Canada has done for the USA.

    On September 11th,

    Stranded travelers and aircrews were received at several Canadian bases and stations, including: Goose Bay, Gander and Stephenville, Newfoundland; Halifax, Shearwater and Aldershot, Nova Scotia; and Winnipeg, Manitoba.

    Canadian Forces units in the Atlantic region provided thousands of beds and ration packs. Nine air force transport aircraft delivered approximately 8,800 cots, 8,300 blankets and 55 support personnel to places where commercial flights had been diverted to help cope with the flood of passengers. The air force also transported Canada Customs and Revenue Agency officials to those locations so stranded travelers could clear Customs and enter Canada - many of them to accept the hospitality of the communities in which they found themselves. In total, the air force assisted civil authorities and agencies in providing relief to 23,921 passengers aboard 142 civilian flights diverted from the United States to six Canadian airports. In all Canada sheltered more than 30,000 stranded passengers, mostly Americans. Not to mention all the help that we did at ground zero in New York City alone.

    Canada is part of the North American Arospace Defense system (NORAD) with the USA.

    When Katrina hit the in the South, a ship with supplies like clothing, medicine, water, and food from Canada made it down to help your people BEFORE your own government even could decide to start doing something. We started a charity so that the Canadian people could help out. It was called "Hands Across the Border" and was a non-profit orgainization that helped those in need that was directly affect with Katrina.

    "This is a good opportunity to show in a tangible way our concern for the suffering of the victims of this terrible tragedy,” Mr. Doyle stated. “The U.S. is a good neighbour and this is what good neighbours do."

    I could go on and on.

    I guess the question is not what did Canada do for the USA, but rather, what hasn't Canada done? Maybe most of the things we do for the USA is not common knowledge because it isn't our way. Canada doesn't just help out because we want the spotlight. We know what we do in the world and at home. And that is enough.

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    Well, let's go back a bit because it seems that everyone has forgotten that Canada helped us greatly on D-DAY. The US had two beaches (Omaha and Utah) while, the Brits had Sword and Gold. The Canadians had Juno beach and believe it or not, they took quite a bit of casualties just like us and the Brits. I can guarantee you this: if the Canadians hadn't done their part and held their own, the D-Day invasion might have turned out quite differently. Imagine what could have happened if just ONE beachhead had fallen to the Germans. Those who do not remember history are doomed to repeat it....(George Santayana)

    Source(s): Active duty servicemember with over 15+ yrs of service (still serving) I have been to Normandy, walked on all the beaches and saw the memorials placed there by the US, Brits and Canadians.
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    Canada has been great neighbors, they took our people on 9-11 when the planes were grounded, They fought beside us in Afghanistan and when the Iraq war started, they might not have sent troops but their navy took over patrols in the Gulf to release our ships to fight. They did the boardings searching for the Taliban and for bathist party members, including Saddam. I salute Canada and the fine people.

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    Why should Canada have to do something for the United States?

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    Crown Royal

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    well one thing i've noticed was that Canada made cheap drugs for people to buy! in the US drugs are so expensive, but now people just go to Canada for it. Or, they did, until a big drug company started threatening other pharmacies not to give them drugs if they didn't stop selling to Americans. this is pretty recent though- they started it like 2 years ago. Took them long enough...

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    They gave us the National Hockey League and Tim Horton's Coffee shops!

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    canada is the #1 supplier of energy to the united states.

    canada has free trade with the united states including a common energy market. what more do you want???

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    Canada's leader, along with Mexico's Vicente Fox met with GWB a while back, and made future agreements reguarding trade and boarders, I look for all three economy's to eventually merge to dominate a world economy, I believe this why GWB isn't taking the border issues too seriously. something sneeky going on.

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    imported beer.

    brought a place for all those little cartoons to say they're gonna run away to..

    "I know what I can do. I can change my name and buy a fake moustashe. then i'll catch a train to canada"

    you know what i mean

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