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How do I dress for a trip to Florida for the holidays without looking too "summer-y"?

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    Depends where you go. If So Fla, jeans, boots and a nice sweater or a light leather jacket will do but if you're talking a little more north... you might want to add some layers. Oh! and some "cool" colors too! (cool as in blues,greens, violets) Stay away from dresses, open toed shoes, and flowery patterns as those are tell tale signs of a tourist. G'luck.

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    For someone who lives in Florida, wear whatever you want. Today I'm wearing a very light sweater, jeans, and sandals. Its cool enough to wear a sweater but remember it is Florida, so you can pull off whatever you want. Go for the summery stuff, everyone else is doing it.

    Good luck!

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    wear fall colors or colors that are not too bold

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    Try this website.

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