wonder where to stay?

I asked a bit about malaysia but still need more information , I need to stay in a hotel near monorail or metro station and i need very clean area and I can bay aboyt 240 MR per night what is your recomendation ? and it is my first time in malyasia can i find places and tarvel easily by myself i should have a tourguide?

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    1 decade ago
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    Monorail, Light Rail Transit (LRT) sytems exist only in the capital city, Kuala Lumpur and the routes serve parts of the city suburbs as well.

    I'd recommend 3 - 4-star hotels such as The Federal, Capitol, Park Royal, Concord Hotel (the country's only Hard Rock Cafe), Melia as they would be within your budget and are located in the city's tourist shopping belt - Jalan Bukit Bintang district - all the hotels mentioned generally have high standards of cleanliness.

    Do not expect Swiss, or Singapore-standard cleanliness in the streets because Malaysia's enforcement records are generally poor in comparison; and despite anti-litter laws, the locals litter as they please.

    Obviously tourguides (from accredited Travel Agencies) would be helpful in getting about but they may also take away the adventurous bit of the holiday. Information desks at the hotels provide tourism literature and city maps.

    You are wise to use the rail systems rather than local taxis - tourists have been fleeced despite the meters.

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  • erlish
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    1 decade ago

    Room rates at the KL Mandarin Oriental starts from USD170; as you can see some recommendations here are based on nothing not even on personal experiences.

    As a visitor myself i do agree that KL is a far cry from Singapore in terms of cleanliness, hygiene conditions, quality of hospitality and public services. Travelling in Singapore is a pleasure, free of worries; not in Malaysia.

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  • 1 decade ago

    well, actually, for 240 MR per night, you can get a marvelous hotel room. OK rooms cost between 60-90, good rooms cost up to 150, great rooms up to 200, and marvelous rooms cost more than that. you can try jww marriot, or hilton or swiss garden. they offer excellent services and usuallyu are very near to the metro stations (we call it Rapid KL LRT).

    I'll personally recommend Mandarin Oriental Hotel. It's 3 minutes from KLCC and it can get to you to the centre of eveything.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The Zon, All Suites Residents, on the park.

    Tel: 603-21648000

    Webside: www.zonhotel.com.my

    About 5 minutes walk to subway.

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