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Anyone know a good curry recipe??

My boyfriend loves curries but he's been on a diet and has lost over 3 stone that he doesn't want to gain back. He doesn't want to give up his favorite ever food so he wants to make them huimself coz he says they'll be less fattening that way. Does anyone know of any good curry recipes?? Thank you everyone and happy holidays!

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    Check out this site:

    It´s loaded with curry recipes!

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    1 (2 lb.) chicken

    3 med. sized tomatoes

    1 med. sized onion

    1 tbsp. curry powder

    2 tbsp. flour

    Cooking oil

    Water or chicken bouillon

    Salt and pepper to taste

    Cut chicken into small bite size pieces and brown in a pan with small amount of cooking oil. Remove from pan and set aside. Cut onion and tomato into small pieces and place in a small amount of oil in fry pan. Mix with the curry powder and flour, then fry altogether.

    Add browned chicken, salt, pepper and enough water (bouillon) to almost cover. Boil for 5 minutes, lower heat and simmer until chicken is tender. Serve over rice with small dishes of chopped banana, peanuts, onions, tomatoes, pineapple and grated coconut to sprinkle on top. Or chutney is also traditional accompaniment. Serves 6-8.

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