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are there any spas in hurghada or cairo that have facials?

ive called like 4 hotels but they all dont, and the one hotel that said it had stuff close to facials said that i had to be a client of the hotel like i have to have a room in the i was wondering if there were any spas in cairo/hurghada that have facials and waxes and stuff

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    hi there

    all beauty salons in cairo have facials.. i can give u the numbers of the most famous ones:

    jacques dessange: +202-3364810 / 7612766

    kriss: +202-6903533

    mohamed el saghir: +202-7614046

    ahmed and abdou: +202-7609937 / 3389176

    twins: +202-3367634

    these are all very well known

    if u want to check for spas in hurghada, check in the yellowpages

    u can write spa and search in "red sea and sinai" there's some stuff there, i just checked, but i cant assure u of the quality in any of those coz i dont know any of them

    hope this helped.. merry christmas :)

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    in cairo there are alot of spas that have facials..

    there is ELLE in mohandessine, near shooting club.. its a small center i heared they r good

    there r variouse centers taht give facials ,,, try asking outside hotels

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