What TV is the best for playing xbox 360 on?

plasma, lcd, lcd projection, dlp I would even consider a front projector for screen size of up to 100" - keeping to around a $3200 cdn price tag. I am looking for the biggest bang for the buck, without scaraficing too much quality.

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    i have an XBOX and a XBOX 360 hooked up to my 42" Samsung LCD TV thats HDTV and it looks awsome. I would stay away from Plasma because the images can burn in from the games if you leave it on pause or a still screen for a while. It can do it on TV too.

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    The best for gaming? CRT wins hands down and here's why. Zero lag; As you're a 360 owner it's likely you're as addicted to Xbox Live as most so you'll appreciate this. I'm not talking about system lag but instead the visible lag that you'll get with LCD, DLP and Plasma sets, the kind that puts your cross hairs just a tick behind a opposing players head though to your eye it seems as if you're aimed dead on. CRT is lag free thus giving you an edge in such situations where split second action and accuracy are a must.

    Another plus is that flat screen, High Def CRT televisions are far less expensive than the latest high tech, not only upon the initial purchase but in upkeep and power usage as well. Most don't consider how much juice these new sets use and the bulb failure problem is one that every manufacterer and retailer try their hardest to keep hush-hush and considering the $200 replacement cost for a new bulb every 18-24 months it's no wonder! Compared to the 10+ trouble free years you'll get out of an 'Old School' CRT it is no contest really.

    Inch for inch you'll score big with the CRT. Case in point, I just picked up a new Hitachi 51 inch rear projection unit for $699 shipped, thats 51 inchs of pure high definition at a full 1080i, just like the native resoultion of a 360. Can you say paradise? I couldn't even pick up a cheap 32 inch LCD for that price at Walmart and this set's picture is amazing. The expert's all agree, CRT may be going the way of the dinosaur but it's still the king of the hill in every catagory that can be judged and as far a gaming performance it simply has no equal. Trust me, I did the research and them's the facts.

    Oh, and screen burn in is a non-issue as long as proper caution (common sense) is used and you turn down the contrast levels and NEVER leave images paused on screen for extended periods...in the case of your typical CRT that means about 8-10 hours of uninterupted pause, definatly a no-no with this or any set.

    So do yourself a favor and buy a nice flat screen, high definition rear projection CRT set, you'll get it for a lot less and be able to buy a far larger set than you'd planned, all without the headaches and hassles of todays not quite perfected systems. Oh, as an added bonus you can use all the money you save by going tis route to pick up a truly high quality Home Theater system to complete the package and still have money left over, all the better to buy MORE games and pre-order Halo3 to boot! Good luck and happy gaming.

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    LCD and DLP are the SAFEST tv to display the X-Box.....

    $3200 Canadian will get your a TRUE 1080....

    Some Hi Def TVs are not True 1080....they are 720 <NATIVE> resolution.

    The 1080P TVs are always TRUE 1080

    I just bought the Hitachi 51F59....TRUE 1080......but it's a projo, and it ranks with Plasmas....It may develop burns if you watch too much Sports, or Xbox or the rolling Stocks on MSN and CNN all day

    Source(s): 24 years servicing TV sets.
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    I would go LCD or DLP, Plasma TV's don't have a real long life span and the display itself is non-repairable whereas the lcd and the dlp can be repaired.

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    1 decade ago

    according to a circuit city sales associate, the samsung dlp 1080 dpi was paired with the xbox 360. that is the tv that the xbox 360 is displayed on. i have a 50" got it for $1799.

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    1 decade ago

    HD Plasma with 1080dpi. You will have to buy the high definition AV-Cables if you bought the core system. Premium pack has the HD Cables Included.

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    1 decade ago

    plasma Flat screen tv. Trust me it looks cool

  • 3 years ago

    you may play the video games on any television. intense Definition is counseled through fact it produces greater suitable pics. yet I performed it on a often happening one and the pics have been completely fantastic. So the respond isn't any, you do no longer. It comes with HD and often happening cables to plug in.

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    plasma is great nice wide screen nice.

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