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Its in excel sheet : suppose I have some data in column "A", and want a unique value of it in column (say) "B"

Just using formula/function and not "Advance Filter". Persumably this formula should be in "B" column already ? ie when I put some data in column "A", I COULD GET UNIQUE VALUE OF IT IN COLUMN "B" AUTOMATICALLY.Could ANY BODY HELP ME ON THAT? If its imposible this way give me another way. may be some VB SCRIPT COULD HELP ME : HOW AND WHAT IT IS?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    If you could give more details I could probably provide you an exact answer... but if you put the = sign in column B, followed by the formula you want, that will give you your unique value.

    for example, if you want to mulitply column A by 2, in column B you need to type =, then click in column A, then type *2. Then you can copy that formula by hitting CONTROL C, and paste it everywhere you need by hitting CONTROL V.

    * is multiply

    / is divide

    + and - for adding and subtracting

    If you want to add up all of the columns, you just type in =(SUM) and then highlight all the columns you want added.

    This is hard to explain in writing... I hope it is not too confusing!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    There are a lot of techniques used in Excel formulas to do this

    1- Use this function to get an ID-like number


    and fill it down to what you need

    2- Using macro to add a ID for each item

    mail me to get it

    3- You can modify the ROW function above to show nothing when the origin cell is empty like:

    =IF( B1="", "", ROW())

    mail me for any further info

    Enjoy my profile, I am the VBAXLMan

  • ?
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    4 years ago

    in case you quite have in straightforward terms 5 cells (or below 8 in spite of everything), then this nested IF will paintings: =IF(A1<>fake, A1, IF(A2<>fake, A2, IF(A3<>fake, A3, IF(A4<>fake, A4, A5)))) in case you have extra suitable than 8 (or particularly any quantity), then you certainly can use this formula: =INDEX(A1:A100, MIN(IF(A1:A100<>fake, ROW(A1:A100)-ROW(A1)+a million, 999))) enter using Ctrl-Shift-enter somewhat of enter, because of the fact this is an array formula. the way it works is it nicely-knownshows the row # of the 1st value this is not fake, and then INDEXes to that cellular to get the value. in case you like extra data, upload extra info or email. good good fortune. .

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