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Do you think psychology is the greatest study with respect to physiology?

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    psychology is the study of human behavior and physiology is the study of the anatomy like cells organisms they are not related in any way unless you are thinking of psychiatry which is becoming doctor trained for 9 years and treats mental illness I hope I have helped you my friend luv kara

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    Even if over half of psychology is not written in the textbooks we cant afford to throw it out. Some professionals know the body and the mind and are able to use it on their patients. Some wives know the same and are able to use the knowledge to manage their spouses. There is still much to learn and gathering valid nonprofessional information on psychology from Answers could be a life time goal.

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    Not in America. AMA and psychologists are not on the same page yet.

    The mind and body are related in every aspect. One should not study one without the other.

    By the way, my maiden name is Cheshire.

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