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Anonymous asked in HealthGeneral Health CareInjuries · 1 decade ago

Quadricep pull, Help me with your advice?

I felt a popping sensation as it happened. It hurts when i push down on the exact spot of skin, there is little bruising. I can bend my knee but cannot extend it outwards on its own without pain in that area. I want to know is this a Mild, Moderate or Severe pull/tear, because this has never happened to me before. Any USEFUL advice on recovery will be helpful.

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    Grades of Sprains/Strains:

    Grade 1 (mild): the soft tissue is overstretched with minimal to no tearing.

    Signs and Symptoms: minimal pain, swelling, bruising, little or no loss of function

    Treatment: RICE

    Grade 2 (moderate): the soft tissue is torn up to 50%.

    Signs and Symptoms: moderate pain, swelling, bruising, some loss of function

    Treatment: RICE, immobilization

    Grade 3 (severe): the soft tissue is greater than 50% torn or completely ruptured.

    Signs and Symptoms: severe pain, swelling, bruising, complete loss of function

    Treatment: RICE, immobilization, possible surgery to repair torn tissue

    From the information you provided, you may have a Grade 2, or moderate, muscle strain - due to the loss of function.


    Rest - your leg to allow healing and prevent further damage

    Ice - the location of the strain x 15 minutes

    Compression - wrap an ACE bandage from your knee up the thigh to control swelling

    Elevate - your leg above you heart level

    You may need to see a physician to rule out other damage to the leg (including fracture). Loss of function is a serious problem.

    Good luck.

    Source(s): I am a physical therapist.
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    This is a tear and it needs to be treated by a professional. Go see your GP and they will start treatment, they will also most likely refer you to an orthopod for therapy.


    Good luck, HTH

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