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I have a pregnant guinea pig... and she's sharing her cage with another female guinea pig... is that ok??

well i baught a guinea pig from the petshop about 2 months ago, the lady working there claimed it to be a boy. little did i know that it was female and that she was pregnant! and these past two weeks ive been feeling her tummy,,, and somethings in there! i can feel the babies move andit brings a smile to my face:) anyway, i dont know when shes gonna have her babies,,,? or if its ok to have another female in the cage with her? keeping in mind that the other one is ALWAYS behind the pregnant one. help meeeeee please. thanks :D

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    NO!! Put one the other (not pregnant) hamster in a new cage!! Now Change her litter in the pregnant hamsters cage. Put in a lot of extra litter and throw in some torn up cotton balls. Give her a lot of food and make shore your other guinea pigs is okay!! Once the babies are anywhere from 3 weeks - 6 weeks (to be safe) but the male baby guinea pigs in one cage full of fresh litter and do the same for the females just in a different cage!! Change the litter in the cage the babies were born in and you can put the other hamster in with the once pregnant female!!

    I hope this helps!!

    Source(s): I've had . . . 3 Guineas pigs 30+ hamsters
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    The can absolutely be together. But first, be 100% sure the other one in actually a girl. If you got her at a pet shop, she has a good chance of acutally being a boy. After birth, they can be impregnanted within a few hours again, so be 100% the other one is really a girl. If she is, she can definitely stay. She will help the mother break the sacs and clean the babies.

    Edited to add: guinea pig will not canablise! They not hamsters, not even close at all. Sometimes a new mother may over groom a little, leaving a bald spot, but will not eat her babies.

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    As long as they have enough space they will be fine together but like all pregnant females she will tire easily so make sure she gets plenty of peace and quiet. Guinea pigs are pregnant for about 10 weeks so if you've had her for 2 months and she was already pregnant it won't be long.

    Congratulations baby guinea pigs are the cutes things in the world.

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    It would be wiser to seperate them! You want to devote as less stress as possible to the going-to-be mother guinea pig! I would suggest you take my advice and seperate them. Put the other guinea pig back inside when the little babies are 2 months old.

    Guinea pigs may cannabalize their young ones if too much stress is put on them. I'm pretty sure the other guinea might bother the pregnant guinea pig too much, and even if it's not, pregnant guinea pigs tend to have mood swings, so I would still suggest to seperate them!

    Good luck!

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    They should be fine together. We have had many pregnant females in our rescue, and they were always left together with their female cagemates for birth. Never has a female in the same cage tried to attack the babies. However, we also use appropriately sized cages ( that have plenty of room, so maybe the people who are assuring that they do have tiny petstore cages.

    Please make sure to seperate the male babies by 3 weeks of age so that they don't impregnate their mother.

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    They are fine together until just before the birth. If you do not know when that is I would separate them. The reason for this is that the non-pregnant female may attack and kill the babies. I've heard of/seen this happen but I do not know how common it is.

    Good luck, congrats and HTH

  • If not, you can always give it to Jackie who asked, "What makes a better pet?" She can try out with a bunny!!

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    separate diffinatly

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    seperate them

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