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What is a dance pad ? I am very new to this one ? how can I buy the best one ?

I am very new about this one. I search a lot, and I see a lot of dance pad with many kinds. I 'd love dance pad very much. I would like to buy it, also I found that there are some dance pad for TV, XBOX, Computer, and Playstation, but I dont know how to chose and which one is the best.

I have TV, computer and Ps3 at home.

Would you help me please ? I have no idea about dance pad, I just knew it 2 days ago when I went to bestbuy.

Thank you very much !

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Dance Pad is a cheap spin-off of DDR (Dance Dance Revolution), which you can get for PS1, PS2, and X-Box. DDR Supernova was just recently released, which has every DDR song. you can buy dance-pad controllers for these games (and is alot funner than just using a controller), but Dance Pad might be easier on your wallet

  • 1 decade ago

    Dance pads are sold separately in some stores. You would have to narrow down what platform you are buying one for first though. If you are buying one for a console, like a PS2 or XBOX, the only real games you can use them for are the Dance Dance Revolution games (commonly known as DDR) for PS2 and XBOX. They are a lot of fun and a great way to exercise! I don't really like to work out much and would rather play video games, so I found this as a good way to get a workout in. You can ask at any store (Game Crazy, Best Buy, Circuit City) For a DDR Bundle for either PS2 or XBOX, which comes with the pad and a game.. and they usually run about $59.99.

    Currently for PS3 there isn't a DDR game, but since PS2 games play on your PS3 you would be able to look for some PS2 DDR games. The latest one out would be the DDR:Supernova Bundle for $59.99. Hope this helps!

    P.S - The best kind of pad to get is made by the makers of the game ... Konami. I would steer clear of off-brand pads.. they break SO fast.

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