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Why do christians medicate themselves?

Does prayer not work? are you not that excited to get to heaven?

*i have asked this question 3 times and have gotten "violation" notices 3 times. I WILL ASK THIS UNTIL I HAVE 0 POINTS because the points mean NOTHING to me. whoever is reporting me, or editing me, needs to know that this is an HONEST question. much more so than some of the questions on here. I will copy and paste some of the ridiculous questions that get asked/answered next time around, if need be. but keep editing me if you want.*


finally, an answer of sorts. no i'm not a robot.

ok, a christian dies and goes to heaven, which is supposed to be a better place than here... infinitely better. why try so hard to stay here then? i understand why OTHER people medicate, but people who believe in an afterlife that is better, it makes no sense. it's like holding a ticket to disneyland, but paying for another night in a hotel in redding instead.

Update 2:


christians believe in god's holy and infallible plan which means that god can make NO mistakes. therefore, and hence, if you get sick, GOD MADE YOU SICK! and if you get well, GOD MADE YOU WELL! do you not trust that god will cure you when he sees fit? if your disease kills you, do you not think GOD KNEW THAT IT WOULD? and furthermore, do you not think that you are going to heaven?

Update 3:

i do get it ashley, and that's the point here... if god already has a plan for your life then it is impossible for you to die before your "time." therefore, if you truly believe in it/(s)he then you would not take medicine, you wouldn't go on life support etc. so i guess that is the idea behind my question: how can you claim to know god, enough to know that i too should "accept" him, when you don't even "believe" in him.

Update 4:


not that excited to go to heaven? but you believe it exists. more you want to do on earth... god calls the earth the realm of satan and heaven is right up there with god, so basically you would rather work in the realm of the devil than go be with the father? that is, at the very least, completely illogical... it makes more sense to say that you don't know if heaven actually exists and that you'd rather wait to find out for sure.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    We all 'medicate' ourselves, not just Christians.

    "Medicating" oneself is not a weakness or a deviance, but a coping mechanism. Are you a robot?

    Stop pretending you are not a mortal.

    ++++You are a pedant by nature and a stickler for 'evidence-based' logic. Christians operate on blind faith to fill a void in their lives. They are free to fill that void however they so wish. Let it go.

    ####The "will of God" absolves religious freaks of any responsibility for their behaviour and the consequences or inconsequentiality of those very behaviours. Don't you get it? That's the benefit of believing in "God". You account for nothing because your life is predestined by a floating creator-ghost in the sky.

  • 1 decade ago

    I'm a Christian. I guess we medicate ourselves for the same reason everyone else medicates themselves. I don't know why it would be any different. Prayer is not going to work, let's be realistic. I'm also not that excited to go to Heaven, although I hope I go there. Why would I want to die, there's so much I want to do on earth. I think getting sick and well has more to do with your immune system. I like it here on earth.

  • 1 decade ago

    Why do non-believers generalize Christians?

  • 1 decade ago

    The same reason anyone else does they are sick

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  • 1 decade ago

    Isnt there something about "Jesus helps those who help themselves" in the Christian bible?

    It's not my belief, but if it helps you, more power to ya.

  • 1 decade ago

    Friend, I never edit you nor report you, on your question, I will answer. I am a Christian, Just because we believe in prayer, does not mean that we don't have common sense & not see a doctor. Luke in the bible was a doctor, Why would he be a doctor & Jeus was alive, simple, God has also put certain things into the hands of Doctors, to help a healing process, You as many have what is known as healing & devine healing mixed up. Healing can take in any form as that of nature, for example, If you broke your leg, the doctor sets it, but nature heals it, But you also have to understand that God is still the creator of nature. So since God is the creator of nature, even though a doctor set your leg, we still give the thanks to God for giving man the knowledge of how to set a leg, This is just one example of healing, Now to see what divine healing is, let's say a doctor sets you leg, & it does not heal, & after many attempts, the doctor says, that amputation is the only means, & lets say he is to amputate your leg the next morning & when he comes in the next moring, He decides to take one final x-ray, & when he does, he can not find a broken bone in your leg, why God intervene in a divine healing. Now you ask don't prayer work, yes it works, that is why we have enough sense given by God to seek a doctor when need be. If it wasn't for prayers of the saints, I would have been dead already, not by sickness but by accident, I will only tell of one instance, in 1992 I was driving home from work, & I just passed 2 semi's, My transmission locked up on me causing me to lose control of my truck, going 65 mph. No selt belt on with all windows down. going over a 15 ft. embankment, flipping over & over, when my truck came to rest, where my head use to be in the truck was mashed down to where my head would be if I was sitting up in the truck, I was still in the truck standing upright with only minor back injuries, By all means of reality I should have been thrown out, Now you will say what does that have to do with prayer, Before I tell you I will tell you just one more short true story, in 1994 I was out deer hunting, climbing out of a deer stand, I fell crushing my spine, I have a T-12 compression fracture to this day. By all medical reasons, I should not be able to walk. But to this day, I am still walking, I am getting to be a old man now, Now to answer your question what does all this have to do with prayer. Because I had saints of God praying for me. God still answers prayers, But God also gave us the wisdom to seek out a doctor, because God is the Creator of Medicine also, If we were not allowed to seek a medical doctor help, why would Jesus still allow Luke to be a doctor, Peter was a fisherman, why didn't Jesus just tell his people don't go fishing anymore, I will provide your food. Now do you want to hear about some devine healing, I have wittnes it & I have it on video, & also 2 peoples testimony. I have seen where doctors have given up hope on cancer people, I have in my files & true live service that took place years ago, where a woman had a cancer growth on her throat, as soon as the preacher prayed for her, it fell off right there instantly, The same with another case where doctors has given up hope on cancer, another woman was healed by divine healing, & the next night she brought with her, her tumor in a jar of alcohol. Now another testimony, a Friend of my was hit by a car, they only gave him about 10% chance of making it, Almost every bone in his body was broken, they were going to do surgery the next morning, but during the night he started praying & he felt all of his bones go back into place, when they came for him in the morning, he told the doctor what happened, So the doctor being a little like you & did not believe, decided to take more x-rays, & they could not find one broken bone in his body. So does pray work, Yes it does, But also wisdom is a good thing to have, Because God have given Doctors the knowledge of medical intervention. Now you say you are not here for points, I am not here for points also, I care less about points, I am only here for one simple reason, maybe I can encourage one person, & Soon I will be leaving this site, at least for awhile, why, because about 99% of all questions is either the sameones over or some demonic person gets on here wanting to waste my time, The demonic person is not the reason I am leaving sometime soon, But I won't answer anymore of their questions, you see every spirit has to feed on something, & if those foolish questions people ask don't get an answer, Then that starves that demonic spirit. Think about it.

  • 1 decade ago

    Because they lack faith....

    They don't see imediate results so they think they need it

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