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Anyone else have a DLP w/ HDTV? Getting fuzzy pic every now and then n cant tell if its box or tv?

My dad just bought a 56' toshiba dlp hdtv and we just activated the hdtv box today. Every now and then when i start them both up ill get a clear tv picture (havent tried dvd's or anything really yet) and then it will eventually get really griddy lines that look like there was some seriously bad negative anti aliasing or something. like letters and words look choppy. and then if i power both down and turn em back on it may or may not fix itself.

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    try a dvd or a vcr on direct video on it very soon, if it's ok, have your cable company check your line. If the cable line proves to be ok, call the place where you bought it and request a repair call. Just do it while it is still under a full warranty. A lot of company's don't give but a 90 day labor warranty.

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    Anymore, the adjustments between the two are minimum. Plasma has the flair to have a table certain photograph "burn in" to the video exhibit, making it seen all of the time, yet it particularly is particularly uncommon in regular use anymore. Plasma's additionally place self belief in one bulb, that are replaced, yet generally burns out in 3-5 years and expenses very very nearly approximately 0.5 as lots because of the fact the television itself. lcd is a extra reliable technologies, yet are very nearly unrepairable. The do no longer supply supply as prosperous of a color differentiation, and a few decrease-high quality lcd instruments do no longer manage rapid-shifting photographs such as you generally see in video games and animation o.k.. lcd instruments boost in fee without put off with larger sizes, so which you have a tendency to make certain lcd as much as approximately 50", and Plasma go no below 40 two". the two technologies take an incresing quantity of capability because of the fact the sizes go up, yet are extra or less equivalent in any given length. TVs are available 3 stadard resolutions: 480, 720, and 1080. The quantity is in basic terms the type of horizontal lines in the image. An 'i' after the quantity advise Interlaced, the place it attracts all of the superb-numbered lines first, then is going returned and attracts all of the even numbered lines. 'p' is present day test, the place it attracts all of the lines in series. present day test is extra constructive. 1080p > 720p. With the place HDTVs are precise now, i wouldn't particularly propose figuring out to purchase something it is not 1080p, nor something below approximately 40 two", because of the fact the charges on 40 two-50" 1080p instruments are at a exceptionally stable candy spot. even regardless of the indisputable fact that, on the size you're finding at there, you in all risk won't have the skill to make certain lots of a distinction in any respect between 1080p and 720p. It in basic terms particularly will become noticable above 50".

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