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Is There A Technique for spraying ??

im about to spray my bicycle but im afraid ill do it wrong....


wtF? cats?? dude r u crazy?? i just need some tips on how to spray my bike moron...

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    Thats funny... what a toolbag! go hump your cat and drop another hit....But anyway its all about the preparation when it comes to painting. Take it all the way down to bare metal. All of it! then wipe it down with some laquer thinner. Your going to need sandpaper Wet & Dry 400 grit and maybe some rougher stuff in case you got runs. Get some Primer (bare metal primer) and start with that. If its cold where you are then make it warmer otherwise its gonna get ugly on the finish. If you are doing it indoors or the right temp outside then take the can you are going to spray first and heat it under warm water to loosen it up so it will flow...when you hear the marble inside rollin around good...shake it up shakem up shakem up shake it....heres the deal...Light coat...let it dry...light coat...let it dont have to cover the whole bike on your first pass. in fact dont. Frost it on each coat..dont get in real close with the patient. After you have got it covered in primer...then ..when it is completely dry get it wet and LIGHTLY SAND IT WITH the wet and dry paper..just to make it smooth. Then do the same thing with the paint you are going to use. light coat...dry... light coat... dry ..until that is covered...then if the finish is not to your liking at any point. Dont worry just let it dry (all the way) and sand it down a little bit and go over it again. I highly suggest hanging the bike from above somewhere during the process. trust me, do it. All right brother have a good one..BYE NOW

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    This is a long answer...sorry!

    The best way to do this, unless you are experienced with refinishing, is to take the bike COMPLETELY apart... all the parts, drive out all the bearing cups, everything that isn't painted to begin with, then have the frame sandblasted (or blasted with walnut shell if it is aluminum) and take it to an auto body shop. Once the frame is blasted it MUST be primered almost immediately or it will start to rust in hours. Someone at the shop will likely paint it for you pretty cheap.

    If you want to try it yourself with spray cans, do this:

    First, you shouldn't use ENAMEL unless you have it professionally applied and baked on. Spray cans are formulated to be used in a wide range of temperatures and humidities so they never dry "just right". Even if you got fancy with some tin foil and your moms tanning light you would probably only end up with an even softer finish.

    Here is a quick (sort of) process to follow:

    1) After completely disassembling the bike have it sandblasted to remove ALL the finish.

    2) Spray it as soon as possible with grey sandable lacquer primer. Duplicolor paint is all lacquer, I think, and you can get it from your local autoparts store. Buy the BIG cans, not the small ones. Apply at least 3 coats, 1/2 hour apart. Don't worry about light runs for now.

    3) Wait at least 48 hours. Sand the primer using 220 grit aluminum oxide paper (white in color) until the surface is smooth. It shouldn't take much unless you have a lot of runs.

    4) Using a tack rag, lightly go over the entire frame (don't rub!) to remove the sanding dust.

    5) Apply several light coats (6 or 7 perhaps) of the color of your choice. Follow the directions on the can. Again, use LACQUER, the same brand that you used for primer. Apply coats 1/2 hour apart. Be sure you cover every part and do NOT get runs. If you get runs you are applying it too heavily.

    6) Apply the LACQUER clear cost, perhaps 6 coats or more.

    7) Let the frame alone until you can't smell the paint anymore when you get up close and take a big whiff. If you can smell it, it ain't dry! This will take 2 to 3 days at least.

    8) Using white paste polishing compound, follow the directions and polish out the whole frame.

    9) Do NOT wax or wash for at least 10 days.

    If you rush this you will end up with a sloppy mess and you'll kick yourself for ever trying. However, if you take your time and do it right it'll be a very cool feeling.

    Source(s): 26 years in the industry
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    Cats have their own technique for spraying.

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