HELP!!!!!!! Really bad diaper rash that keeps coming back.?

MY 1 year old has had a bad diaper rash that keeps coming back. This has been happening for the past 6 weeks and just as soon as I think I have it beat it comes back. We have used the same diapers, wipes and rash cream since he was born so I don't think it is an allergy problem and I have tried changing what he is eating. I have cut out almost all his fruit, sugar, and juice. When he gets juice it is usually watered down. I have tried powdering him every time he is changed even after the rash seems to go away. But it keeps coming back and it is so bad that he wakes up crying when he soils his diaper. Please Help.


The real problem is not getting it to go away it is keeping it from coming back.

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    Right - diet is the right place to start if you ask me. Kids to develop sensitivities, just like adults do - either from too much in their system or just their changing bodies. I think a doctor would recommend an alkaline diet - acidic foods can cause pain, while alkaline sooth. Most vegetable are alkaline, while most pasta, meat and fruit can be acidic. You might want to search online for a complet list of alkaline and acidic foods.

    I can tell you that my kids got diaper rash anytime they drank apple juice. Pear juice and white grape juice are the most mild and are a better choice than apple juice. Cow's dairy and even some formulas can be difficult to digest - we used goat milk mixed with warm water instead of formula and have very little trouble with diaper rash. You might also want to stick with oat for a grain (that is the most alkaline grain I know of) or barley cereal (we used barley) - since rice and wheat can be very binding.

    Letting the child go naked can be very helpful - epsom salt bath can help too. Make sure the child is super dry after a bath when you put the diaper on and give extra loving attention during the day. Some say that diaper rash is a way for a baby to get attention and that they can learn that at an early age. I mean if they get all loving and cooing when they are uncomfortable and not enough (in their opinion) when they are happy, then it makes sense for them to perpetuate the attention getting scenario.


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    If it keeps coming back then it is probably a yeast infection. Pick up some Lotrimin. They sell it at CVS, it is used to treat athlete's foot. Use the cream not the spray. You'll see a small difference after the first application. Put it on with each changing. If it continues beyond that, the baby may be allergic to the diaper.

    Also, discontinue using wipes until this condition clears up. Even the unscented can sting.....Pick up either some dry wipes or some soft papertowels and just wet them.

    PS. Lotrimin is a staple item that I always kept in the house with my 3 babies. As soon as I saw diaper rash, on went the lotrimin. I never bothered with the balmex or desitin once I was prescribed the lotrimin by a doctor.......

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    Call your doc and get the yeast cream that they prescribe. My daughter is VERY sensitive. Sometimes, I cannot use the cheap diapers because of this. Even though I change her often, she will get a bad rash.

    I do this in avoidance of the doc:

    Use the highest Zinc Oxide (generics are fine) and when the rash looks dry, I switch to Petroleum Jelly

    Be sure to bathe every night or day

    Sometime during the day, wash the area with warm mild soapy water, just let the water run over, don't rub THEN put regular kids underwear (they make some with diapers, but I just used the regulars) for about an hour (just keep changing him, he's gonna pee) or let him run nakey and chase with a towel! LOL!

    Also when they go to sleep, put on EVERYTHING, the diaper rash cream, vaseline, AND powder so he is dry.

    I think the doctor cream is best, it takes care of it in a day, but it's the holiday and if you can't make it to the doctor, then use the above.

    Poor baby, Merry Christmas!

    Source(s): My 17 m/o sensitive daughter!
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    The best way, guaranteed is to keep the baby clean and dry, specially if baby has a rash. Baby wipes are great, but there is nothing like soap and water. Just try using baby wipe on yourself all day, it just doesn't feel as clean as with water. Find some cloth diapers or make it, the diaper is plastic. Use the cloth diapers temporary so the babie's bottom can breath. Remember clean and dry... People use that sticky baby wipe and close that plastic diaper right away. Don't put tight pants on baby if he is wearing a diaper. We tend to blame everything on food. Don't use desitin all the time, only for protection. Also corn starch instead of baby powder, but best thing is to let his bottom clean as long as possible.

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    We just had this problem with my son. What ended up working was a creamy butt paste with no alcohol and blowing drying his tush at every diaper change (make sure its on low setting and at least 4 inches away from his skin). Also we stopped using baby wipes and instead used the tub and a wash cloth. It was time consuming but in three days his rash was finally gone for good. Also make sure your baby is getting some naked time to help the rash air out try 10 to 20 minutes naked time 2 to 3 times a day.

    You also might want to take you baby to the doctor and make sure it isn't a yeast infection or some other type of infection that could be why it keeps coming back.

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    A&D Original ointment (not the kind with zinc oxide) is the absolute best at getting rid of diaper rash. It is possible for your child to have developed a reaction to the cream, diapers or wipes that you are using so you may want to switch to diapers that have no perfume in them (I use White Cloud, they are inexpensive {Wal-Mart} and pretty good and they were the only diapers I could find without perfume added [my daughter has very sensitive skin]), change your cream (I found that zinc oxide creams (the white stuff) actually worsened the rash), and try wipes that have no perfumes added (Parent's Choice is a good one to try, you can find it at Wal-Mart).

    I am glad that you cut back his juice intake. I find with my daughter, that if I give her juices with a high citric acid content (i.e. Orange juice) she will have a very red almost blistered area around her rectum. You may want to cut back on other foods with high acidity like tomato sauce and ketchup.

    Hope this info is helpful.

    I see that you want to keep it from coming back also, I would suggest making sure his bottom area is very clean and then putting a thin coating of the A&D ointment all over at every diaper change or at least every other. He is just one so he may be having some reactions to the new food you are introducing him to now. I don't think it is possible to forever rid him of diaper rash at least not while he is still wearing them. I am sorry he is pain, tho'. My heart goes out to him.Good Luck.

    Source(s): My experience.
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    does your child drink juices, especially apple juice? lots of it? that was the culprit for my son, he had to stay away from apple juice, the acid in it, would cause bad diaper rashes all the time. I like a ointment called corona, it is behind the counter at the pharmacy, my peditrician recommended it, it is the best!! but lay off the juices for a week and see what happens, then start back slowly, one at a time to see what causes the rash. by the way he can drink it now, at 3. good luck

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    Try to stay away from using too many creams powders and ointments. these may help sooth the pain but often trap in moisture and bacteria and prevent proper air circulation. Wash his wee behind with just antibacterial soap and allow it to air dry whenever possible. If you notice that it gets especially bad after a bowel movement try changing him immediately after to prevent the acidic waste from being in connect with his skin for too long. Same goes for urine. maintaining the area as dry and clean as possible will help heal it as with any other skin irritation. good ol' fresh air is the best remedy.

    Fruit juice is not the only thing thats acidic. Tomatoes, processed meat, and spices can lead to acidic waste. Give him plenty of water to help reduce the acidity.

    When possible put down some towels and allow him to spend some time in the buff. play or read and just let his skin breath. Great to do after a bathtime.

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    You may want to take the child to a doctor. My son had a problem similar to this and it turned out he had excezma with sometimes appears like just a normal rash. Baking soda will help to sooth the rash he already has. To keep simple diaper rash from returning he will need to change his diaper more often, and apply diaper rash cream and baby powder each time you change him. If this doesn't help, you may need to switch to cloth diapers. They breath better to help prevent the rashes. I hope this helps.

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    I had that problem with my son for a while, to the point where it bled. Try leaving your child with no diapers a couple of hours throughout the day; try this cream Sudocrem or children's polisporin and it might sound weird but yeast infection cream like Vagisil usually did the trick everytime.Really! I'm not kidding, you'll see. Also your child mayhave sensitive skin, make sure that the diapers are fragrance-free.

    Good luck

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