What mental disorders or illnesses may cause a lack of understanding of consequences?

-Person is my sister

-Shows sign of no grasps of consequences in any circumstanse

-Age 25, always been apparent

-Has nothing to do with the way she was raised

-Shes been to pychiatrists and they can't figure out whats wrong

-No mental retardation

-Requires vast efforts on my parents to keep her going

I can give more details if you wish

Examples range from being younger and never returning library books (although she was reminded and knows when they were due) to more recent extreme spending with credit cards leading to debt. Given the chance she'd sign up for another credit card immediately


-Once spent over 3 hours trying to get her to understand that what she does has consequences (months ago) and it wasn't that she ignored it she tried to listen but the concept of it just was ungraspable to her

Update 2:

-You can rule out forgetful..but bipolar is possible. She has times where she can be overly sensitive, then cheerful, then extremely agitatable

I'll look into bipolar disorders

Update 3:

-You can rule out basic personal flaws like laziness etc

-the best way to describe it is she's there, but she lives in a manner that is consistant of a 'dream world' in which there are no consequences etc. When she walks around she acts out conversations (when she doesnt realize people are around), and stops when she knows someone can see her.

Update 4:

-It has been obvious to me for a very long time and i've made a point to see whether or not it was my parents fault and I can guarentee you it isnt, they do noit cover for her any more than a parent would or should. she isnt living at home yet the problem persists possibly stronger

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  • 1 decade ago
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    i really feel bad for you,that is alot to go through

    i have a brother who has scitzophrenia

    and he displayed the same sort of syptoms, they were slight at first but progressed into dilusions and toatal inability to function in society.

    i don't claim to know what your sisters issues are but maybe youll never figure it out

    at some point you may need to just let go

    for your own mental wellness

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  • Erika
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    1 decade ago

    I'm probably way off the marker on this one but then again, maybe I'm not. Antisocial personality disorder is what I'm thinking but I could be wrong. Here are some symptoms.

    1. Have no conscience

    2. No understanding of consequences

    3. Doesn't know right from wrong or they might know but they won't care.

    4. Have no morals, will steal, lie, cheat, and they don't have any understanding of responsibility

    5. Can't hold a job

    6. They think that there is nothing wrong and that everyone else around them has a problem.

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  • 1 decade ago

    it has nothing to do with a mental disorder, a disorder, or an illness. Some people were just never trained well by their parents early on in life.

    Some people are just that way throughout their life, however if she's young enough maybe she can still learn. Sounds like lack of responsibility to me. Maybe your parents stepped in when she was a child and did everything for her, giving her no responsibilities. Or maybe she is rebelling for some reason. Has someone sat her down and explained what the consequences would be for her actions? Or, maybe once she is on her own and gets hurt enough from her actions then she will learn all by herself. For some people it takes longer than for others. I don't know your sister, but they say geniuses are super smart yet can't tie their own shoe laces. And, some people are dixlexic yet they manage thru life alright.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    My suggestion is for you to check out these articles about How Behavior is Affected by Early Brain Injuries



    The site concentrates on prenatal exposure to alcohol, but even that can be from a yeast infection fed by a diet high in sugars/starches. Other things can be responsible as well, but what you've described briefly, sounds a LOT like what Teresa Kellerman describes in those articles!: Any IQ level, can't grasp non-concrete concepts (such as consequences, right & wrong, etc ...), irresponsible, immature, etc ...

    These people are often percieved as: just not trying hard enough, not caring, & eventually criminals. They usually go undiagnosed, or are often misdiagnosed, and so don't get much needed/specialized help when young enough to benefit. Tough love tactics don't work with them at all.

    Assessment Tools for various age groups



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  • Jonny
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    1 decade ago

    First and foremost I would always have to look for any signs of drug use. Does she spend a lot of time alone? Does she seem out of it when you see her? She could be spending a lot of her money on drugs.

    Once you find out whether or not it is drug induced is when you need to start figuring out if it is a disorder of some sort. My first impression seems to be she is suffering from Depression. Laziness and Incompetence are tell-tale signs. Bipolar disorder/Schizophrenia are also possibilities, however, a psychiatrist is the only one who can accurately diagnose those disorders. My guess is cocain, acid or marijuana. All of these drugs cause massive mood swings, inability to grasp consequences and cost a whole lot of money to support the habit. Good Luck.

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  • 5 years ago

    Is there any mental illness that employees hide information from their boss? I have an employee that hides information. Even though he understands the consequences for hiding information he still does it? I just don't get it? Also can not handle money, spends it all. His wife does not let him have money, because he squanders it.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    She needs to see a doctor who specializes in personality disorders. Check out the web site below for more information. It has the most extensive information on personality disorders on the web. Plus there are numerous links to other web sites which further explain them.

    These can also be signs of OCPD (not OCD - commonly confused). OCPD is Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder. I know several people with this and they love to spend money and don't understand the consequences of their behavior. They can be excessively tidy or sloppy and horde things. One person hordes money. Another can't throw away old receipts which are 20 years old!

    Anyway check out the site for further information and get your sister to a psychologist who knows about personality disorders. They will be able to make a diagnosis. PD usually starts to make its appearance in young adults, 21 to 30.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I have went through some of the same stuff? I find it odd that you are trying to diagnose her like this.

    It's simple it is merely experiencing life, some people want to be carefree and never have stresses or worries so they let things roll off their back freely, and move on to the next, but sooner or later her rythm will catch up because the things she lacks to take care will catch up to her and she will have to start doing things the right way. It will come a point when she will get backed in corner and one prob affects another that affects another.

    Your experiences and environment based on who you are, your age, physical appearance, race, and many other things will shape who you and how you approach life. She'll notice as people start closing her off and shutting her out because of her actions and lack of compassion for others and how they feel towards her. She'll learn one day, the hard way unfortuanately. There comes a price for every decision she makes trust me it will come back on her

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    some less extreme forms of autism might cause this form of detachment from reality or it may well be that your parents have covered for her so many times that shes learned hey there are no consequences mommy and daddy have my back it may be nescessary to let her fall right on her face and pick her self up thatll teach her

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  • 1 decade ago

    How is she in school? Do you think she has a low IQ? ADHD?Is she able to pass elementary grades and high school?

    What about her most trusted friends. You might get a better understanding through them

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