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1) What are the advantages and disadvantages of having the foreskin of the penis still intact?

2) What are the advantages and disadvantages of being circumsize?

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  • Maple
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    1 decade ago
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    1) Advantages of being intact are:

    --Circumcision cuts WAY down on sexual enjoyment for the man due to loss of nerve-rich foreskin.

    --Getting cut causes the glans (head) to develop a keratinized layer to protect from rubbing on clothing, further cutting sensation. Many cut men are unable to ejaculate during intercourse and have to finish "by hand." Intact men can "go all the way."

    --without foreskin sex feels rough for the woman.

    --foreskin makes masturbation more fun - and better for your partner to play with.

    --Circumcision hurts when it's done, even if you were too young to remember it

    --a cut penis looks kind of sad with that scar where the foreskin belongs. Uncut is much hotter looking.

    --Circumcision has a slight chance of complications. Each year a few baby boys have to have their entire penises amputated and undergo surgery to make them into fake girls. And a few die.

    2) Circumcision has no advantages that are not fictional or only relevant in a few areas

    --You can be just as clean if you are uncircumcised. Wash. It's THAT simple. Even if you're cut, you still need to wash.

    -- If you're sleeping around, you need to use condoms regardless or you will get diseases.

    --most women are sensible enough not to discriminate against uncut guys. If they do, they are too shallow to bother with and totally ignorant of the pleasure they can get from a WHOLE man.

    --Oh, one that may be valid. Some studies have shown a lower rate of cancer of the penis in cut guys, but this cancer is so rare that it's hard to get a good statistical sample. More boys/men die each year from botched circumcisions than from cancer of the penis.

    --Recent reports from Africa say that circumcision reduces the risk of AIDS from unprotected hetrosexual activity. This has little relevance to areas of the world where condoms are cheap, readily available, and culturally acceptable. .

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Advantages 1. More sensitive. When you get circumcised, you lose half or more of the nerves in your penis. Moreover, the head of the penis keritinizes (which means the skin gets tougher like the bottom of your feet) since it gets rubbed all the time. 2. Less need for lubrication. The foreskin makes it easier to slide back and forth. For example, you can more easily masturbate without any lubrication since the foreskin slides with you. 3. No post-operative risks involved in circumcision. You don't have to get the scar line and also don't have to risk getting an infection or the surgeon accidentally messing up. 4. Natural. It's how great majority of men in the world are and have been for hundreds of thousands of years. Disadvantages 1. Easier to keep things clean. Although if you take a shower daily, this shouldn't be a problem. 2. Reduced HIV risk. There was large studies done in Africa that uncircumcised men have higher risk of infection presumably since the foreskin could help to "hold in" virus particles. Of course, you should use a condom nonetheless. 3. In the US, many are accustomed to and prefer a circumcised penis. Almost every male got circumcised in the US just 50 years ago, but these days, less than 40% of boys get circumcised. Also note that US is among the only countries in the world that regularly practice circumcision for non-religious reasons.

  • 1 decade ago

    1. During sex, a penis with foreskin gives a better sensation since the foreskin has more sensitive endings giving greater pleasure. However, the foreskin might make it more difficult to clean the accumulated smegma that is generated by the body on the underside of the foreskin, leading to bad odor and infection later. Any left over fluids after ejaculation also may be a bit of a botheration to clean, if one has a tight foreskin.

    2. Circumcision makes the cleaning of the penis much easier than an uncircumcised one, but gives lesser pleasure during sex.

    3. Whether circumcised or not, one should always keep the penis clear of the smegma and other bodily fluids such as semen, drops of urine, etc. that may remain on it, by washing it with water.

    3. It is likely that the foreskin is a sort of protection against STD, though it is a relative term.

  • 1 decade ago

    I like both kinds, but uncircumsized is the best. More sensitive and fun to play with. Circumsized is definately cleaner though.

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  • ?
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    4 years ago

    Advantages Of Foreskin

  • 1 decade ago


    advantage - better sensitivity

    disadvantage - more prone to infection


    advantage - Less prone to infection

    disadvantage - less sensitivity

  • 1 decade ago

    agreed with "the pig".

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