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How do you make these christmas drinks? see below?

eggnog(for mom and dad)

hot Mint chocolate(the rest of familiy)

something with cinnamon(just in case)

something involving booze(after everybodies gone)

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    Eggnog: Buy 1/2 gallon and add nutmeg

    Hot Mint Chocolate: Hot cocoa w/mint extract

    Add cinnamon to Hot chocolate

    I created a Andes Candy's Cocktail

    Baileys w/cream and add a tid bit of Peppermint Schnapps....

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    eggnog- buy it at the grocery store

    hot mint chocolate- buy your favorite hot chocolate and heat it with some mint leaves -garnish with a mint leaf

    I don't like cinnamon so I don't know...

    for "booze" see your local liquor store...?

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    They'll have the recipes you need.

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