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Can u get hurt if u poo and u have hemroids?

i'm scared to poo cus i think i have a told me to push it back in... i think shes a kook!! ko ko...i 'm scared to moo now..what wil happen if i do?? is it okay and will anytihng happen if u poo??

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    I know the feeling. Just get some preperation H and go poo when you need to. Everyone has to poo. Just like cows have to moo.

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    You need to poo, constipation is a major cause of hemorrhoids. You need to use some preparation H, it will shrink the tissue of your anus and also lubricate it so you can poo without pain or tearing it worse.

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    initiate taking a stool softener on a regular basis. Colace 2 circumstances an afternoon. this might soften your poop. It appears like your constipated. enhance your water intake. in case you think of its hemorrhoids get the practise h suppositories.

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    fruity lady is right, your going to have to go sometime, and when you do it is best to lubricate the area, as gross as it may seem, it is necessary in order to keep from further damaging the area. you shouldn't worry about anything worse happening as long as you (i cant believe I'm saying this) wipe gently.

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    well i don't think so but i think it will be a bit more painful

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