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Box with shells and sand?

....I need to know after I finish gluing the sand and tiny shells on...etc do I "seal" the sand in so even after the glue dries it doesn't come off....?


I already finished the box but the sand seems to have grains that still rub off slightly to the touch...not much but still ...

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    You could try an artists 'fixative' spray, you use this to 'fix' charcoal, pastels, etc. to keep them from rubbing off. You can't see fixative but it might not be strong enough to hold something as large as sand on. Most folks who've taken a drawing class have a can of this lying around, or, you can get it at any art supply store. I would definately test it on something else first, like I do with everything. Glue a little sand to a piece of cardboard, see if it works on that first...

    My other suggestion would be a spray varnish with a matte finish. Again, test on something else first, I don't know how it would react over the sand. I think a shiny finish would make the box look less 'beachy' so I'd stick with matte. You can get this at a hardware or art store, I'm not sure what's out there, but if there is one that is water base rather than solvent based it would be better as it won't interfere with your glue.

    The suggestion you got about glue and water...anything that you brush over the surface is going to disturb the sand, and I honestly think doing that will just make a mess...but...if you can't afford or can't get to the store to buy the above suggested products, you could try mixing just enough water with your white glue so you can spray it, and using that to cover the surface. I would definately test this on something besides your project and let the test dry so you can evaluate the look and durabilty of the finished piece before you spray your project. Of the three suggestions, I think this one is the least likely to succeed. Be sure to clean out your spray bottle afterward really well too!

    If you are going to try the above, make some test pieces _right now_ so they're dry before you start testing on them. I once used varnish over a white glue that wasn't quite fully dry on a collage and all the corners of my collage pieces curled up.

    Good luck, let me know how it turns out!

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    You can trust me because I did a photo frame and covered it with sand and shells before. You can just white glue,or P.V.A glue. Apply the glue on the surface, then slowly pour sand on the glue surface. Wait until the glue dries then you can shake of the remains of the sand. Good luck!!

    Source(s): Ok,if that's the case after you've finished the box,use a brush and apply a little bit of the glue on the sanded surface,make sure you mix the glue with a little bit water. Tell me if it works!
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    Plastic Wrap?

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