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whats some really hot/cute looking hairstyles????

i have blonde hair-below shoulder length- medium/longish- i want it layered-but what do i do with the bangs? i want something awesome! pictures and links are all welcome!!!

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    Hairstyle Tips and tricks / Winter Haircare

    Tips on How to do Perms/Bob hairstyles/Cornrows

    French braid / African-ethnic hairstyles

    Hairstyle photo gallery -

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    a quiff with the rest of the hair flowing down dead straight always looks good.but if you are goin clubbin it gets a bit hot behind the neck so go with a quiff and then do a messy bun...

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    @ the crown of ur head pull the bangs back & hold them w/ 2 bobby pins (p.s. it holds better if u cross them!!!!!) also you could do a nice bun with your bangs and maybe some hair behind it hanging down and curled!

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    do low lights off the back, leading to your shoulders, this always looks hot and hip, never dated.

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    messy bun

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