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how can i avoid a roughed yet stubborned relationship with dad whom he is a person not easy to live with?

ny dad is a good person, but he has a hot temper,he is very jealousy perso that he coun't stand my boyfriend bought me a new

flat 32" HDTV as my xmas gifts, he yelled at him and told him throw into dumpster,luckly my boyfriend paid no attention whatsoever and even install for me at my living room.i felt terrible and angry at my dad .I left home right after my boyfriend left and

went grovery and go straight to my lovely aunty(dad'sister) how might suppose to deal with my crazy dad,because i 'm getting nut.


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    1 decade ago
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    You did the right thing first of all, nothing wrong. That was very nice of your bf also by the way. I've got a future father in law who was like that in the beginning. He wanted my finace, (im engaged, obviously), to marry a doctor b/c he had problems with finances growing up, but this wasnt what my finace wanted. She wanted love. (by the way, I make more than a doctor now so it kind of shut him up). Anyway, eventually YOU have to decide who YOU want to marry or be with etc, not your father. Fathers just dont always know whats best, they certainly think they do however!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    My father is like that too. His problem is that he drinks a half gallon of whiskey a day or when he's off the bottle he wants to be super dad. Honestly the best thing you can do is if your older enough move out! My dad never approved of my husband ( we've been married for 22 years now) and it gets really tireing after a while. I know you want to keep your dad's love I've done that too. My mom died like 3 years ago and my dad remarried a year later after he moved his affair of 25 years in to the house after my mom had been dead for 2 months. That really did a job on me and my girls. Good Luck and my prayers are with you. The ting I had to remember was this was my life and he had his.

  • 1 decade ago

    Sorry to hear about your father.There is allot left out when you describe your fathers rage. If he's a heavy drinker his problems dealing with your boyfriend are not going to get much better. Find out what has happened in his life that makes him overly protective of you. He may just think your boyfriend doesn't deserve you. If your boyfriend is genuine and loves you he should of been upset,that your father does not see it in him.Otherwise there's allot of talk that needs to take place on a sincere level.Remember you love him which I'm sure, but show him you love yourself too,by being up front. Start off by telling him you love him and you need to know what his concerns are about the whole thing. Remember be honest.

  • 1 decade ago

    well here it goes.......first is your dad not very well off I mean money wise? he might be jelous that he couldn't do for you the way your bf ( who is not you father) does for you. he might feel that a gift like that should come from him if he had the money, we are a very pooor family here and any gifts giving by some one else to my daughter I get jelous if it is more expensive then some thing I bought her. I feel like it just isn't enough.... talk to your dad if you have a good relationship with him ask him hey dad can you let me in on why your upset about my gift, if he is open enough he will tell ya, if not well maybe you should decide its time to go.

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  • 1 decade ago

    If you are old enough move and you will have your own say so, why don't your father like him, is his money clean I ask because that is a expensive gift to be thrown in the dumpster. Us parents can be a bit over protective, if this is the guy for you he will hang in there..Good Luck

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    4 years ago

    in my opinion that must be my mom who died of ovarian maximum cancers 3 years in the past. She confronted her terminal prognosis with optimism no longer befitting what her physicians informed her. while she grew to become into informed she in straightforward terms had 6 months to stay she and my father booked a visit to eire (her dream to pass there in the previous she died) understanding that such alongside holiday could end her. She grew to become into extra frightened approximately how i could react to the understanding that she had this sort of couple of minutes left than what it meant to her. She confronted it bravely, I in straightforward terms wish that i need to be so brave ought to I be confronted with those comparable situations.

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    1 decade ago


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