i have so much time on my hands what else can i do?

i am a home schooled student and i have so much time on my hands after i am done with school what else can i do? i played with my animals(5 dogs 5cats 1 fish and a iguana), on the internet, and much more but after i am done with all of that there is still 10 more hours left in the day! do u have any suggestions on what will keep me ocupied for a long period og time to help me get through the long hours of this aganising life!!!!!

i am sending out an S.O.S. here some one answer!! lol

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    Learn some astrology or learn how to play piano, or take singing lesson.

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    1 decade ago

    Find a way to socialize.

    Go beyond you immediate family.

    Socialization is a learned skill. You need to get out and learn the give and take of dealing with people.

    Some in you situation never get the skill down.

    Some are overly sacrificing -- becoming the doormat for others, as they attempt to always please.

    Others are overly obnoxious as don't have the sense of others -- these people are quickly shunned.

    There is a delicate balance to socialization which must be learned by applying yourself.

    We are social animals, and reach our full life's potential in a social world.

    Good luck, and Get Out There to breathe life.

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    Go volunteer. There are lots of opportunities to do something that interest you. There are even opportunities to advance own experience for future careers. Go volunteer in the hospital and see if you want to go in the health field. Volunteer at an animal shelter, be a big sister, help build houses with Habitat for Humanity. Or you can baby sit for some extra cash. There are lots of things to do. You can even start playing sports.

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    Try to make some money and invest it in some safe stocks of companies that have Dividend Re-Investment Programs (DRIPS). Companies like Bob Evans Farms (BOBE) and Center Point Energy (CNP) let you buy their stock directly and you can have them re-invest the dividends so that the value of your account grows and grows. (Don't use it for college; let it grow most of your life. Even a few hundred dollars invested now would be quite impressive by the time you are in your late fifties.) Start reading up on stocks and investing in general. Even if you don't understand it all right now (keep studying!), learning about financial matters will prepare you to become wealthy.

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    1 decade ago

    Well, Baby Kat, from your letter it looks like you need to spend a lot more time studying English grammar and spelling!!! Then you could spend some time reading and learning to enjoy it. Then there are things like working out every day, volunteer work, developing other hobbies like needle work that might lead to making some money, learning to cook, helping with chores, writing letters to the elderly and service people overseas. The possibilities are endless.

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    ommmg I was homeschooled for a while...it is soooooo lonely...ommgg.... I was sooo happy when my friends would come over...I'd almost cry.....just go to the movies...with you mom....siblings dogs..lol FRIENDS anyone...go shopping with your Mom...ooh read a good book...memoirs of a geisha is good...nice and lengthy too =]...invite some friends over for a sleep over..sleep over at friend's houses... ride your bike...rollerblade...join a drama class....dance class...soccer....yoga things like that

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    1 decade ago

    Talk your parents or whomever to let you go to normal kid school. You need to socialize. You could participate in after school activities as well.

  • Dave F
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    1 decade ago

    pray the rosary sloely ...3 times a day ...an idle mind is still the devul's workshop

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    This is a serious answer, pray the rosary.

  • 1 decade ago

    get a bf

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