What is the difference between the racist and anti-Semitism ?

I do not know why they are not accept any criticism against Israel ? Is it immunity against criticism ? What kind of freedom of expression in Israel ? Monetary policy directed against the State and not against the Jews , the charge of anti-Semitism always ready ... The racist regime in South Africa was also pretending to democracy , but they were listening to criticism .


To the third answer :

Your answer is not strange ... For that the world detests the name of your country .

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    I think that racism is plain ignorance. You stop hating people of other race as soon as you have a neighbor or a co-worker of that race, who happens to either help you a lot, or save you from something dangerous, or simply becomes a really good friend to you.

    antisemitism on the other hand is something people are born with (IMO only). An antisemite can have Jewish friends, have a Jewish spouse, even love her(him), and still hate the rest of the Jews. Some people realize that they have a problem with it, and do their best to pull themselves out of it, most don't.

    It is an instinct feeling for the most part, but some cases are also due to ignorance, and in those cases it is just like racism.

    I am really beginning to believe that G-d CREATED antisemitism, so that the Jews never forget who they are. Probably for a reason?

    Everything above is just my opinion, and I understand how it may look stupid and silly :)))

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    I agree with shooters answer %100.

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