What should i do to make my hair silky?

actually i have curly hairs so should i do to make my hairs silky

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    i have curly too!!!

    take one egg

    4 table spoon of olive oil

    half a lemon

    and whisk it

    apply to your hair, i know its disgusting but it does wonder

    apply it for 2 hours and wash it properly

    apply serum in your hair while wet

    and dry

  • 1 decade ago

    You need to work on the inside as well as the outside.

    For the inside, you need to take EFA Caps + Essential Fatty Acids 3,6 & 9. There are some very good ones out there. Emu Oil Caps, Flaxseed Caps, Fish Oil Caps just to name a few.

    I would then for the outside have an oil treatment done on my hair and follow product instructions over a month to see what changes take place. You may need to try a couple of products, be open to that. Don't always go for top dollar. I would go for one cheap product and one middle range like a hair salon product. Also let your hair half dry naturally before finishing with hair dryer. You can purchase after care products to put into your hair to help protect it during the day.

    Good luck,

    Blessings be,

    Harriett Potty

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    I have naturally curly hair and I've been using the new Sunsilk products. I've used the 'Straighten Up' line they have and it helps keep my hair straight and help keep it from being frizzy. I would suggest using the 'Hydra TLC' line they have for your question...I've used it as well and it always leaves my hair silky and smooth. You can get a free sample of the shampoo and conditioner sent to you at http://www.gethairapy.com/samples/ ....that way you can try it before you buy it....that way, if you don't like it, you didn't waste any money! If you do like it, it's inexpensive...around $3-4 for each bottle. Hope this helps!

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    I have curly hair too. But I managed to have straight, silky hair.The only thing you should use is silicone especially for hair. I use smooth serum or innova silkening serum released by Indola and it's perfect. Just apply it when your hair is dry and you will see in a minute that your hair is shinny and silky!!! Ask for indola products immediately!! If you need help go to www.indola.com

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  • -always apply conditioner n crystal oil after a hair wash

    -use d egg yolk,apply all over ur hair once a week

    -use aloe vera contained shampoo n conditioner,which giv u a soft,smooth n silky texture

    -dun coloring,perming,rebounding,styling ur hair frequently

    -consume collagen tablet

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    I use Biosilk products...you can buy them at any hair salon...Tehy have it in shampoos and liquid gels...They are great!!! Also, try green tea shampoo....you can get that too at any hair salon! Both products made my hair very silky and shiney!!! Good luck and Merry X-mas!!!

    Source(s): I have untamed hair!
  • 1 decade ago

    I think you should try to check out some of the Loreal products, they're relly really good...

    just a tip: when you use your shampoo, dilute it first into a water before applying to your hair

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    Natural homemade beauty tips for Fruit pack for hair,Haircare recipe -

    ingredients from your kitchen cabinet --


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    apply buttermilk 1 hr. prior to a wash

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