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I just want to know, if a guy likes you?

I had a huge crush with our next door neighbor. One time he walked his dog outside and went near our gate, I was there at the time and approached them and asked if I could touch and carry the dog, and really got fond with it coz the dog is friendly. When I was going to return it, he said that "What a lucky dog, someone gets to cuddle with you" I just smiled and he left. What does he mean by that? just curious


but he has a gf

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    Well im a guy so he means that he likes you hes flirting on you

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    he means tht he is lucky coz he is havin tht dog and u like his dog and he want say in in dierct way tht bcoz of this dog we came a bit close .in clear words in think he likes u but is scared 2 tell u .

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    Well if I said that to a girl I deffinately would be attracted to her, thats not just a friendly comment sounds abit flirty to me..

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    he's lonely. no girlfriend to cuddle with and be with. did he say it so he made sure you'd hear it? if so he was probably hitting on you in an indirect way.

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    hey that same thing happened to me the other day....i meant ....errr wait i live on mars

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