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Anonymous asked in Politics & GovernmentImmigration · 1 decade ago

How do you feel about this immigration issue in the US?

I personally think that we should not let them in because our country is going down the drain because of them. they are having their babies and putting them on welfare and crowding our hospitals and doing so much more. I aslo think we should get them out. maybe you agree with me, maybe you dont I just want to know how you feel. Plus crime is going way up. Not to mention the big gap thats getting even bigger between the rich and the poor its all because of them.


Its not that they are all bad people but I think this country would be alot better off in the long run, if we did not have as many immigrants.

Update 2:

Not all of our problems are caused by them but alot of them probably more than half of our problems.

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    I do think that if this continues, the U.S. will become over populated. I think that they'e should be more opportunities in other countries. But I hate how our guards for the border treat immigrants like animals, it's sooo sad.

  • 1 decade ago

    I am disgusted by reading most of these ignorant and hypocritical statements! I am so on Heather M side! This is the United States land of opportunities and making the American dream for those that are coming here! And what is so wrong with not speaking English? I mean this is a free country we are free to speak any language we wish to and yes our economy will be going down without immigrants! Testing you ugh!? Taking jobs? Ugh! Lies, lies, lies! Second of all why only speak of the Mexicans there is also other ethnicity's that are immigrating here! An excuse that the ones that are coming through the border of Mexico and California could be terrorists yeah maybe but why not the border of Canada and California? Huh! That's right!, most of them are coming through there! Good for you lady you do your own work =) but most of them don't!!!!! Why so much racism i don't know but it better stop because it isn't making the situations better! They come here to work and make a living not to take jobs and make the world a bad place!!

    Source(s): Learn your history ! this land used to be Mexico's' well "Spain's'" land first and don't come with the excuse that they sold the land because it wasn't for a good price because it wasn't !We are immigrants in our own land us Mexicans and our ancestors! So learn your history peoples! Latinos stand up! for your rights! For those that are agreed with me you should see the movie Walk Out it is referring to the racism against Latinos since the 1960s and how we had to put up with it!!
  • bev
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    1 decade ago

    the law suit would be on the table now from us who are on disability who are doing the jobs and always have been, this grab for linguistics that they did was wrong and the platform never addressed the facts that many Americans are already on the bottom of the food chain because of the current economic struggles with corporations republican attitudes on keeping up face in employing the over payed white race that is obsolete.our government gave us the shaft, they give everybody the shaft, and your going to vote just as u always do, only now u are on the loosing end, most of us were there because we didn't get a great college education, or the lucky break from the sociopathic boss from hell, immigration is a cover up for big brother power addictions. we won't break a law, so they take the borders down so they can enforce more laws to make more money, they know u won't get on to it for a while and if you do they will play bait & switch and move the game that is how smart u got in a short amount of time and now they can't make money off you so they now have to hit on the meicans for a buck, not rocket science just business as usual

  • 1 decade ago

    America would not be America without immigration. Americans contribute a lot to the economy's problems as well ,what about the Americans who are on disability for being drunks and the ones who cheats the system? The first white settlers came from Europe so they could be free to worship as they please , and to have a better life,so why don't we go back to Europe and give the land back to the Native Americans? Why can't they have chance for a better life as well? Every race is contributing to the crime rates as well . Why don't you ask an illegal immigrant why they are here in the first place?

  • 1 decade ago

    It starts with the enforcement of the employers that hire them in the first place. You also need to address the coyotes that bring them here. Once we eliminate jobs for illegals , there is nothing to come here for. Drugs are another reason for entering this country. Stronger enforcement need to be had . We as a country cannot support the worlds troubled without laws to minimize the influx of people to this country. Do note vote for any person who does not take a serious stand against illegal immigration. That will get the politicians attention.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    There should be no issue here. If they can't follow the rules, they don't come to America. If my children are starving and I steal a loaf of bread and get caught; I'll go to jail. Why should they get rewarded for doing basically the same thing? If they want to come over here the legal way then I'm all for it. If they can't do that, we don't need them.

    Who washes our cars? I wash my own car

    Who cleans our houses?-I also clean my own house

    Who works at fast food chains and restaraunts?- I have worked there when I was 16.

    Who cleans restrooms?-Another job I did at 16

    Who works at gas stations?-Never worked there

    Who keeps the positive birthrate of the U.S.-We keep our birthrate positive,

    Have immigrants taken all white-color jobs?- No, they just take jobs away period.

    Who fixes our cars?-My husband actually fixes mine.

    Who works at grocery stores,supermarkets?-My friends; I have; my husband has

    Who loads the trucks?-I did

    Who drives trucks?-Truck drivers; you have to have a license to drive and illegals don't have those.

    Who are housekeepers?-I am, and so are my children.

    Who builds all the buildings?My uncle has his own company; He's an American and only hires Americans.

  • 1 decade ago

    Well I don't agree that the growing gap between the rich and poor is because of them but I do agree they need to be sent back. I believe we should issue work permits so they can come here and work legally. I also don't believe that their babies should automatically be given legal status just because they were born here. If an illegal gives birth here their child should be illegal also. They are definitely draining our social service system.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    ~There's nothing being enforced right now about immigration. I agree, they should be shipped back and we shouldn't let them back in!

    They are responsible for a lot of crimes, getting welfare, food stamps, free hospital and anything else they can get for free.

    They also make money here and send most of it to Mexico. Again, how does that help us?

    We should be concentrating on taking care of our own instead of every Tom, Dick and Harry that wants to take advantage of all the US has to offer.~

  • 1 decade ago

    Considering that the majority of Americans are immigrants or descended from immigrants, then yeah. You could probably fairly state that at least half of the problems in the country are because of immigrants. But we both know that you're not talking about the "white" immigrants who went there to make a better life for themselves. You're talking about the darker coloured people who go to America in order to have any life at all. Don't be fooled into thinking they are making life harder for you.

  • 1 decade ago

    Even though people are tired of immigration issues and ask why so many foreigners is in this country. There is a green card lottery every year to bring in immigrants from other countries into this country. Before you go complaining about the immigrants in this country ask your leaders why they are bringing in "qualified people" into this country "immigrants" every year. About 55000 of them. Are there enough qualified people in the US? Just think about this and every one stop complaining. We as immigrants do more good for this country.

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