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Are some people just born unflexible and their body just wont become more flexible?

I have been trying since i was 4 to do the splits, i am now 15. I stretch most days and i dont think i will ever be more flexible. i have been taking dance classes from a young age and i feel i will never be able to progress any more or fulfill a dancing career at all.

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    It is a matter of doing it *correctly*. If you do it incorrectly all your life you won't get anywhere. Try different approach. Maybe that will work better. Did you ever try yoga? They teach stretching very differently.

    Yes, some people are more flexible than other naturally, but not to the point of making a dancing career impossible.

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    I don't believe anyone is born unflexible. You just need to know what you're doing. I used to think the same thing when I first started dancing back in the 7th grade (about 10 years ago). I used to think you should stretch to warm up your muscles, but I learned later, when I was in school for massage therapy, that one of the RULES of stretching is NEVER STRETCH A COLD MUSCLE! It will only cause the muscles to tear rather than stretch, doing more harm then good. What I would do is practice my dance routine or go for a walk before bed, and then I would stretch to some relaxing music right before going to bed. Within three weeks, I was able to do the splits!!! (Also, it wouldn't hurt to get a massage or two to lengthen and loosen up the muscles so they will stretch easier.)

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    Every one can be flexible, it just takes more time than others. I was flexible from the begining (of course both of my parents were dancers). And maybe you are not stretching right. Maybe you are stretching the wrong mucles in order to acheive or a split. There is no easy way to stretch and be flexible. for splits try this exerscise: go down into a split (as far as you can go), then hold for 10-15 seconds. Do this everyday, push further and hold longer. also maybe your muscles are to crampped, try yoga and pilates classes they help losen you up and make you strong but not look bulky (dancers shouldn't look like the people on wrestleling). Try this also, ask your teacher for other exercises.



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    You need to stretch harder. Push yourself a little lower into splits, yes a lot of people are born with little flexibility but if you work at it you can. Instead of doing splits every morning do another stretch that stretches your hamstring. Im only 12 and I use to not be able to do the splits at all but, i worked SOOOO hard at it and now I can almost do a full split. Heres my technique:

    -while watching tv (on a comercial) sit down feet in front of you, and reach your toes, hold on to them and count to 8. repeat.

    -lie on your back, keep both your legs straight, bring one leg up, DONT BEND YOUR KNEES, hold onto the leg you have in the airs ankle and roll over into a left (if left foots up in air) split, or a right (if right foots up in air) split.

    -go into strattle and have someone push you from behind into a wall as far as you can go.

    Hope I helped

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    I believe so- I know a lady who is 360lbs and she can put her foot to her head- I was amazed! I thought...born flexible. But don't give up dancing, especially if you have a passion for it. Eventually you be able to do the "flexible" things you want to do. You're still a young lady you have time- besides you haven't finished growing yet.

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    Being flexible is partly to do with GENES. So even if you stretch and stretch and you still don't get something, it could be because of your parents, dear. You can become flexible when doing the stretches correctly.

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    i also ave that problem. mayb ur not doing it rite make sure uve warmed up LOADZZZZZZZ and then stretch 4 30secs hold it 2 a point were its not un-bearable pain. if u really wna b stretchy then make sure 100% dedicated so just really go 4 it

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    its possible, well if ur a girl its highly possible, if ur a guy its gonna be hard, its just strectching, takes some time tho

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