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Why would it matter to "Christians" what race their Saviour belonged to? Black WHite, or Bronze Jew...


Does it matter to you? if so , why?

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    It matters because if the savior came from any other race or tribe than the descendants of Abraham, Israel, Judah, & David, then that would make the Word of God a lie. There are so many things that we can know about the savior from the old testament alone. There are so many prophesies that came true in Jesus from the old testament. The chances of even the 8 of them someone did a probability study with coming true were close to astronomical. Wow, i sure wish i remembered the numbers on this. It was something like if you covered Texas with one inch square tiles and one of them had an x on it, if you would randomly pick up one and get the one with an x on it, that would be the chances of those 8 all coming true in one person. If you took all the prophesies, it would be like picking up the right atom in the universe on the first try. If anybody remembers reading these can you post it?

    No, if God had chosen from the beginning of time to pick someone else and wrote a book over history that was His story of his love for us and plan for our salvation, and had told us it would be someone else, then that is who He would have sent His son to be. And I would have worshipped Him. However, He has told us plainly who His Son is, and that He is the only way. If we don't take His way, we have only ourselves to blame.


    Christians are at war with the evil that seeks to destroy us and bring us to hell. We seek our liberation at the hands of Christ, and we seek to tell you you can be freed from the law of sin and death as well. We love you and don't want you to remain captive. You might say we are like the troops in "Saving Private Ryan" we are entering into this battle for YOU because YOU mean even more to GOD. We do it because He loves YOU. And we fight our own battles against evil so that we will not be taken captive ourselves. If you believe once truly saved always saved, there is still much that we might fall to that would destroy our witness and bring dishonor to our King. That may take us out of the battle so that evil may gain more ground. If we are faithful, we may make much progress for our King. Our prize is ever before us, leading us to keep up the good fight for Him (and for Him, for YOU).

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    It shouldn't, but people are unpredictable. I think for a lot of "christians" the thought is scary to them that Jesus didn't look just like them. There is more than just a slight racial undertone to this, there is also an ethnic dimension. I think a lot of people would be afraid that a jesus from some other culture, or ethnicity, wouldn't be understandable to them. What if Jesus was Japanese? or Brazillian? Would Americans understand him as easily?

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    What difference does it make? Christians should be focused on the message and example of Christ, not whether he has a natural tan or not. In his image = human in my opinion.

    It doesn't matter to me.

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    In the true concept of history, Jesus Christ was infact a Middle-Eastern Hebrew. Thus, he would look as the typical Latinos.

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    Not at all! I couldn't care if the Saviour was coloured like a rainbow!

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    It doesn't matter to me at all. Besides, we known what race he was, there is no question-- he was an Israelite Jew. That's what his parents were. As to GOD's race.... He is all of them, and none of them. But then, it doesn't matter. It's all good.

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    For some reason A black jesus just wouldn't fly in some churches. I'm not saying it's right...

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    Christianity, along with most of the dominant religions are corrupt. That's why.

    They try to promote a certain image, even though behind the scenes they're at war.

    They're at war with the world. They have only one objective, and that's to convert everyone...

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    I'm a christian (roman catholic to be exact), and I went to a private catholic grammar school. We were always taught Jesus was most likely not white.

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    Jesus was Jewish. It's hard to imagine him outside of that context...

    But if evidence suddenly came to light that he was also black or whatever, it wouldn't change who he was or what he said.

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