transferring music from ipod to ipod?

How do I transfer music from my old ipod to my new ipod.

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    there's two ways you can attack this.

    1. you can take the songs you want to put in the ipod, and copy the songs' files to a new folder. (to get to these song files, go to your documents > my music > iTunes > iTunes music and this list the songs by artist. find the songs then copy them to the new folder)

    via flash drive, transfer these song files from itunes library to another. put the songs you just put in the other computer into another folder and title it so you can easily find them. then go to itunes > file > import file. a window pops up. then you have to locate that folder with the songs > select about 2 or 3 songs > them click ok to import. itunes can only import 2 or 3 songs at a time. (this happend to me.) actually importing also allows you to import the whole folder of the songs you just made. much easier right?

    2. with the songs that you want in the ipod, burn them to a cd. if they're about 12-15 songs, they can fit into all one cd. if not, then you might need more blank cds. anyway, you selece the songs you want and put them in their own playlist in the itunes library. then insert the blank disc in. go to the playlist, and on the top right hand corner, it says 'burn disc." click that and it'll burn these songs to the disc.

    then when that's done, insert the newly burnt disc (assuming you have another computer) into the ipod's itunes library and import the cd to the library. click the import cd on the bottom right hand corner to do that.

    i'd do the flash drive option. i've found that to be much easier and it saves you some black discs. but you do whatever you want.

    Source(s): me own experiences and from my own answers to other people with the same question.
  • awkf
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    1 decade ago

    You need "Ipod to Ipod" software. Or you can used iTunes on that, if you keep your music inside.

  • 1 decade ago

    i've tried, but u cant put songs from the ipod to the PC, only the opposite

  • kettie
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    3 years ago

    im extremely confident there is not any thanks to positioned music on an ipod from yet another, and the basically way i understand of to get loose music is unlawful so i won't be able to recomend that :) sorry idk what to inform ya, yet to my information its not a chance

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    1 decade ago

    Ipods are crap!

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