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Rafael Nadal or Roger Fedrer ? Who do you think ......?

Who do you think is a :

better player

better person

Thanks .

I think Roger Fedrer is a better player and a better person !

No offense!

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    Federer is by far the supreme player and will always be. No offence but it is ridiculous to argue that Nadal can equal Federer.

    Unfortunately Nadal seems to be extremely unsporting...his making the opponent wait and all his other psycological little games he plays doesn't do to much for the "who's a better person contest"

    And then you look at Federer's involvement with UNICEF, his foundation for aiding previously disadvantaged children in South-Africa and his recent trip to India to see children affected by the tsunami... The thing that makes the biggest impact on me is the fact that Federer doesn't just just give the kids money, he actually visited them, same as in SA, where he spent a couple of days in the townships with them.

    Roger Federer is a fantastic person, Nadal is firmly losing both contests...

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    1 decade ago

    Roger Fedrer ROCKS

  • 1 decade ago

    Fedrer express is more consistent although dull at some times while Rafeal Tidal is far better in clay than grass.It will take time before he ever catch Fedrer

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    Roger Fedrer is the better player as well as better person,.

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  • 1 decade ago

    better player- Rafael Nadal

    better person- Roger Fedrer is not as arrogant as Rafael

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    Federer is amazing - he could do what Sampras never did and win The Grand Slam....maybe in 2007 - we'll have to see. Nadal is great, superb player, but not on same par of overall game as Federer.

  • 1 decade ago

    I think that Roger Federer is a better player.

  • I agree, Federer is a great player and I think he is a nice guy. Nadal seems to come across a little arrogant.

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    federer for sure is a better player nadal still has a long way to go to catch him. i like modest people and think that nadal is a bit more modest dan Federer so hence nadal is a beta person.

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    Roger Federer is ranked no1 so i guess he is a better player. He is also involved with several charities and as far as i know nadal isn't....

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