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what is winin' - ie: a dance where you grind against a girl?

Its in alot of songs; "wine your body down"... ... Is it as blatant as just rubbing yourself against the girl? Whats the idea here?

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    It isn't necessarily grinding with another girl. It's just moving your hips. Whinin' is the girl version of grindin'. A girl can whine all by herself.

    Source(s): I'm from the caribbean
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    There are a number of local dance steps and styles in the Turks and Caicos Islands. The most popular is winin also known as Wine-up or The Wine.

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    winin is a style of dance that originates from jamaica - no girl needed but its better if you have one lol - i could show you how its done but have no camera lol and kinda hard to explain - watch dancehall queen the movie - there is plenty of it in that

    Another thing of winin ya body is like someone else said - itsa dance you do that feels right to you - its about getting down - having a boogie etc - just depends on the mood and style of music - its how the music makes you feel - i used to concentrate on dance steps as a youngster so i could look cool! lol but in fact i looked like a show off and got no recognition like i thought i would - when i just danced normally (like everyone else) i found i got more attention - its true mate!

    but thats what i think about ya question - good luck with it and have a nice xmas!

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    whinin' is like grindin' except alone, just do what feels right whatever comes natural. Of course you could grind with a girl which is a whole lot more fun :). Whinin' doesnt compare to grindin' but can be fun if you have a whole lot of guys hangin around

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    "Wind" your body down. Sh*t dude, it's whatever feels right to you. Use your imagination.

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