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can i get a tatto that outlines my lips like a lipliner pencil would?

is it safe

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    i personally have my eyebrows permanently tattooed, so i am all for permanent comsetics....


    i know people that have gotten their lips done and they wish they you get older your lips change shapes (gravity can be thanked for that), the older they got, the more distorted the shape was....also, the color turned a bright pink because the lips shed skin a lot, so naturally the layers of skin coming off will slowly cause the colors in the layer of skin to come off too!!!

    i recommend eyebrows if you like, but i dont advise getting your lips done.....just take the time to find a good liner you like!!!!

    and just to let everyone know.....getting permanent cosmetics is NOT the same as getting a regular tattoo.....the "gun" they use does not have as many needles and does not go as deep into the skin...that is why it is called "pigmentation"...the healing time is 1 week max because the ink doesnt go as deep!!!!

  • K
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    I'm sure you can get such a tattoo, but I would advise against it. You'd have a tattoo on your face, which everyone will see for the rest of your life. What will you do when lipliner goes out of style in a few years? When you interview for a new job? When you turn 60 and don't wear makeup anymore? How will a tattoo affect other people's opinions of you? I really think that anyone considering a tattoo should wait a full year and see if they still want it. If so, then maybe go for it. But because it's something that will be on your face, I think you should skip it altogether. If you really want a tattoo, get something meaningful in a more private area (your hip, ankle, shoulder, etc.). Please give this a lot of thought before going through with it.

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    Yes it is safe and if it is done right it looks nice. Just make sure that you pick a color that will look natural on your lips so is not as obvious so your lips still look kissable without lipstick. And go to a professional. On things like this most likely you will get what you paid for.

    Oh and for what I've heard it's a little painful so be ready if you decide to get it.

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    Oh my god, these people are so closed minded.

    Look, I have about ... eh... 12 tattoos now (in 2 years, hell yeah), and let me first tell you something about regretting a tattoo, you usually dont.

    Smart people, normal people, will get a tattoo, having thought about it first. Think about a design instead of going in and saying "I want a butterfly on the small of my back because NO ONE has ever DONE THAT before"


    Just because you get a tattoo doesnt mean youre going to regret it.

    And in fact, they have tattoo artists, that do cosmetic tattoos, usually for people that have been injured and need to have lips tattooed on their face because they lost them in a car accident.

    So yes its done, and yes its safe (otherwise they wouldnt do it) the only forewarning i would have is that if you tattoo your lips, its going to hurt worse than anything has ever hurt you in your entire life.

    The lips are so sensitive (like, have you ever gotten a pimple near the top of your lip and try to pop it? its worse than that.)

    I dont think you will regret it if it is the aesthetic you want for your face, and you can probably get it done so its not so noticable.

    But man, if you get it, you need an f-ing medal, because that **** is going to hurt, and heal slowly, and youre going to have to eat out of a straw for a loooooong time.

    either way, i bet it will look cool, so good luck!

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  • Mary
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    sometimes what I do is on special nights I put lipliner on. And of coarse you have to have the lipliner/lip pencil color to be darker than your lip color of not any at all!

  • Anonymous
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    you can yeah. I just answered a question similar to this. I worked with a lady who had her eyes, eyebrows, and lips done. the eyeliner and brows faded into blue and her lips blistered and the color came off so I wouldn't recommend it. But if you've heard of people who had good experiences then go for it.

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    But you will regret it later. Everyone I know whi has had tattooed eyeliner regrets it. I would imagine that the same thing would happen with lipliner tattoo.

  • Anonymous
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    Yess..But it would look pretty bad. And then in a few will probably regret it. Alot.Alot.Alot.

    **Its your face..Do what you want. But other peoples opinions can help you make the smart choice!

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    Yip! And yes it is safe too, you can also get eyeling tattooes onto your eyelids! Cool hey

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    yes you can and from what I know it's safe. I know a few ppl that have done it and no complaint there!

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