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until what time should a mother be allowed to abort a pregnancy?

i often hear that it should be until the time that the baby is viable. that it is somehow at this time that it stops being a part of the mothers body and becomes an autonomous human being. but how do we know that it doesnt happen the day before or a week later? since it is a matter of life and death shouldnt we be sure?

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    A reasonable question...But at this point there is no way for science to "be sure." Until we reach that revelation, reasonable people might suggest we err on the side of life...not death. Otherwise, think of the millions of possibly true human lives that are being flushed down the drain as opposed to the "inconvenience" of the mother carrying that life to term and giving it up for adoption.

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    It stops being a part of the mother's body when the baby comes out. Abortion shouldn't be done after 3 months of pregnancy unless the baby has died or in a life and death matter where the mother's life is in danger. But i'm sure there are other reasons for abortions to be performed after 3 months. This is just my opinion.

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    Until we have some kind of scientific time period in which we KNOW that there is independent brain waves, indicating thoughts of the fetus (thus making it a person) I don't think that men have any business intruding on what women do with their bodies...

    If and when we have some sort of proof that the fetus is a baby, and thus a person - we men have no right or business intruding into women's business. I've lost two children because of women's choices... and even though its been a decade or two, I still wish things were different... but it was, and it is not, my place to tell a woman what to do with her body.

    I love those women still, and I wish them all the best, and I do what I can to deal with the pain of losing my children.

    And who knows what the future holds... but until then, all men need to respect a woman's choices, until there is some kind of proof (which I doubt will ever come...) that contradicts their rights to choose... and I think that is how God intended it.


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    I would say that unless there is a medical reason, there is never a time when you should abort. It is so common, that most people don't see that it might actually be harmful before they experience the consequences. It is an emotional and physically detrimental thing to the mother to lose her child. It is also traumatic to the father in many cases.

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    Never, but to answer your question: in the first twelve weeks

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