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What is the perfect height and weight of a male model?

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    4'04" 224 lbs...if you are modeling for a fat midget magazine.

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    i feel that a male model rules are the same as for a female height is important for some types of modelling such as catwalk but i dont think its a nessceritiy. anyone with the right llook and personality can be a model its just matter of opinon in the fashion and modelling industry.

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    RE: a thanks to get a suitable body like male style have? I have lengthy gone to the health club. extremely of having a nicely tone body..I have benefit mass muscle..I don't like it and that i choose i had the body that male style have interior the kind mags. Can someone tell me the secret of having those kind of nicely toned body and a thanks to devour..i keep in mind that chick dig into adult males like...

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    5'7" and 183 lbs and I'm available for all your catalogue and fashion show needs

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