why would someone believe 'metal' music to be satanic? or demonic?

even if the lyrics do not mention satan or anything of that sort?

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  • Jonny
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    1 decade ago
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    Bands like Black Sabbath kind of ruined it for the Metal image regarding Satanism. Most of their lyrics were very satanic and demonic, and being that they were around in the 70's when it wasn't as accepted it stuck even more. It kind of goes with the whole "one bad apple spoils the bunch" saying. Black Sabbath style bands are incredible though.

    Another possibility is that people associate heavier music with anger, and anger is satanic/demonic, so therefore they feel that way. I agree that there should not be this stereotype, but unfortunately it's out of our control. :(

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    Because people are ignorant and see images like slip-knot or AC/DC and associate what they see with everything in that category. I agree, there is plenty metal that is not at all satanic. METALLICA - ONE Also I'm sure the screaming lyrics don't help any more than the pentagrams on CD covers.

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    the Drum, and music which produce a beat which automatically make you want to move is scarey.

    Considering its not your mind making you move but your body, and also Considering that Lucifer was one of, if not the best musicians of the angelic hosts, he knows music. And to think that Satan doesn't influence so many things in the world, like rap, heavy metal, death metal, rock and roll etc is absurd.

    The music from scripture is slow, does not produce a beat and never use percussion instruments, some of the most moving music in the Bible were acapella's.

    Now looking at the history of the drum, before it was used in western music, voodoo tribals use to use them to raise the spirits of the dead, they would stand around a fire saying something over and over again, get a good feeling, sometimes fall over in spasms and sometimes spouts of laughter as they became possessed or highly influenced by demonic spirits.

    This is also why i believe reverent music in the house of God is acceptable, none of this worldly stuff.

    God bless!!

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    Metal often does have occult themes that tends to weird out many conservative Christians. To be fair, many of them feel Harry Potter is Satanic - so in comparison, you could see how they'd consider Heavy Metal Satanic.

    Another argument that could be made is that metal tends to use more disharmonious chords. The tritone, a half-note below the fifth in a scale, is used frequently in heavy metal. It was banned in medieval times, since chords containing it tend to sound less pleasant to the ear. (They considered the tritone the 'devil's note'. I kid you not.)

    Source(s): Source = I'm a big metal fan. =)
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  • 1 decade ago

    that would greatly depend on the artist......I love Rob Zombie...but really.....doesn't take any explaining..."Living dead girl" etc...what really got to some people in the 80s was that they didn't understand the words and they didn't bother to look them up. How the hell they ever came up with playing a record backwards I will never understand. That is when they said there were satanic words on the record.....subliminal messages....not that the fricking brain can pick up that crap backwards....but it didn't matter. I think it was the accusations that spawned new musicians to come up with more controversial lyrics which is what makes the music so good and fun!

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    Have you ever tried analyzing the messages of secular lyrics for that particular music genre. I think it speaks for itself. I think the music can be set to Chrisitan lyrics however you need to be honest about secular music to metal and the messages they say.

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    Because it can sound really scary to people who aren't used to that type of music. Generally, listening to folks screaming over crashing percussions or half whispering with creepy music in the background scares me.

    Source(s): Totally afraid of 90's artist "Tricky"...
  • Noi
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    1 decade ago

    They are NOT satanic...just freak the prepy buble gum pop people, get a life, at least they don't do country songs about getting BBQ stains on white T-shirts....who's stanic NOW!

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    A rule of thumb is, "People fear what they do not know."

    A parent will think their child is listening to "Devil muzak" (I know, my parents told me not to listen to Metallica because they thought they worshipped the devil) because they cant understand the lyrics, the riffs are fast, rough, and usually loud or the band members dress is dark colors and paint their faces.

    Its the same reason a cat or dog will cowl in fear or run away if you yell at them.

  • 1 decade ago

    because theyre gay

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