why many people celebrate chrismas?is this written in the bible?is this God commandments or a manmade doctrine

when you read a bible you cannot see any verse related on celebrating a christmas especially the date december 25, when you search a history december 25 is a pagan feast. because the best foundation or basis of your belief is bible so if any commanments not found in a bible that is a manmade doctrine and not of God.

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    Presents, Dude.... it's all about presents. And it has nothing to do with shooting rockets at Jews or blowing up Americans or beating your wife. It's just about the presents... Get with it. It's a hoot.

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    Christmas is not anywhere in the bible, Jesus' exact birth date isnt even in the bible. we celebrate the birth of christ on dec 25 because that day was already special. it is also the celebration of the winter solstice. yes it was origionally a pagan holiday. I think it was chosen because it was an easy transition for new believers who were once pagan back in the day.

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    Jesus Christ asked us specifically to remember his death.

    But made no mention of his birth.

    That is significant.

    It means that his death has ongoing consequences. Buying back for us the right to again live without death...forever....on the earth...Psalm 37; 9,11,29,34.

    His birth was just a means to an end.

    And Jesus is now a grown 'man/warrior'. he has left his childhood behind, like we all do. So to celebrate Jesus as still a baby, as many do at 'christmas' is in some ways an insult to his present abilities.

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    Christmas was man made to celebrate the birth of Christ,just as we celebrate loved ones birthdays yearly.It has turned commercial over the years and is know about money making.

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    It's just an appealing innovation to the Christians that doesn't contradict their beliefs; some still think that you must adhere strictly to what the Bible says because it is a complete guide to life. Peace and blessings. Happy Holidays! :)

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    its just a celebration of the birth of Jesus, i dont know where they got December 25, Jesus was probably not born on the 25th

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    Christmas is not a commandment is when the birth of Christ is celebrated.

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    Man decided to celebrate the birth of Jesus on the 25th of Dec. That's all there is to it.

  • The bible gives us no authrity to celebrate christmas.it originated from baul worship,but the church at that as well as these times sold out to gain members as well $$$$$

    Source(s): The bible and the history of the roman catholic church
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    'Anything that inspires us to see what is true and do what is good is proper practice'

    Ajahn Chad,one of the greatest Thai Buddhist monk made this statement when asked why he celebrate Chrismast with his western disciples.

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