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I'm 17 years old guy I will turn to18 after2 month, I weight is 103pounds and height 5.54feet, is this enough?

Im 17 years old male and I will trun to 18 after 2 month, I wieght 103 pounds and 5.54 height, is this good according to my age, and I never tried any gym work and didn't play any sport may be since I was 13 years old except walking.

Is my height and weight good, altough I look thin and short!

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    If your 17 years old and your grammer is like the way you type, don't worry about your height and weight, I guess your about to graduate next year, you need to hit the books. Preferably the ones dealing witht the English language.

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    Dear wud u believe... i'm Height= 5ft 6 inch; 169 cm Weigh= 45kgs; 99 Pounds Age=18yrs (and going to be 19 after 10 days) But still people say that im cool.. though i look thin & fragile... we need to gain weight but at the same time you should be good at your other aspects of appearance... such as attire,face beauty & style. Best of luck.

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    I'm a 17 yeasr old guy. I'm turning 18 in March 2007.

    Right now, I'm 5'6 and I weigh 156(with shoes on). Without shoes, I'm usually 148-152.

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    u need to get some extra meat on you, ur way to skinny for ur age

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    no, they will not let you in the 18th year. you'll have to repeat the 17th year. sorry.

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