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In west chester, looking for chess pieces for a board...under $150.....WHERE to find? thanks?

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    As the other contributor mentioned, many chain stores have usable sets cheap. If you're looking for something for a kid to learn with it doesn't matter much what you spend, under $10 will get you something. If you want something nice take a look online at the USCF site (United States Chess Federation) to get an idea of what quality looks like and costs.

    Things to look for (for me) include solid well weighted pieces of reasonable size (Kings 3.5 to 4.5 inches high) and a standard Staunton design ( I personally dislike sets with "theme" designs like medieval characters, monsters, starwars characters, etc.).

    If you want to spend the money for quality wood sets great, but I would recommend looking for solid durable plastic that won't be damaged being carried around to clubs and tournaments.

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    Wal-Mart, DOllar Store, KMART any of those places.

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