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how do you tip in america?

goin on a holiday to America how much should i tip?


going to california

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    5% of your total, I think...And what state/city are you visiting?

    Oh, well in that case, I'll go with what everyone else says, 10-15%...I really don't do percentages, though. I tip according to service-

    If the service was exceptional, I leave close to or about $10.

    If it was okay, I leave $3-$5.

    If it was terrible, I leave a penny or I write a 'tip', i.e., "Next time, don't be so rude." or "Please occasionally ask if the customer needs anything. We couldn't find you and we wanted to order dessert.", etc. I'll never go back to the place again though, for fear of them spitting in my food.

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    For Restaurants, its usually 10% to 20%. The standard is 15%. Don't bother with a tip calculator in California. Just multiply the sales tax by 2. The sales tax in California is between 7.5% to 8.75%. Valet parking is usually 1 to 2 dollars. Drinks Use to be spare change or 10% to 20%, but it's gone up to 1 to 2 dollars. I've seen the tip slide hire in California, but the waitress is getting less. Before, they kept it all and pay no taxes. Now they have to claim some of it as tax, but most cheats. The waitress now has to pay out part of there tips to everyone. The cook, bus boy and even the owner. In San Francisco, some of the waitress must buy there position too!!!

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    Meals - 10% is cheap, 20% is generous. Leave a tip unless the service was really bad.

    Taxis - as restaurants

    Bellhops in hotels, Redcaps at the airport or train. $2 to $5 depending on how hard they worked

    Hotel maid - leave $2 for each night of your stay

    Personal services - always tip a couple dollars for small things, like shoe shine or bringing your cleaning to the hotel room

    Pizza delivery a couple bucks

    Haircut - depends on the salon - my husband never tips his barber but I give my hair stylist $20 for color and cut

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    at meals, it is customary to leave 15 to 20% of the bill for the service person. waitresses generally have low wages and depend on tips to make a living. it is considered rude to not leave a tip. if you don't leave a tip, don't plan on returning to that restaurant.

    you're also supposed to tip other service people, like the bellhop at the hotels if they take your luggage up to your room for you. or the pizza delievery guy if you have a pizza delivered, a tourguide will usually accept a tip, between 2 and 5 dollars for that kinda stuff. between 5 and 10 for a nice haircut.

    you DO NOT have to tip at places like hotdog stands or bagel shops even though they have little cups for such a purpose.

    enjoy your visit to the states!

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    Ryan gave you very good answers. You also are not expected to tip at a fast food resturant, like McDonalds, Burger King etc. If you slip over to Las Vegas, you will want to tip the girls that give you a "complimentary" drink. Usually around a buck. If you cash in your gambling winnings, tip the cashier around 10%.

    Source(s): Bikers Book of Etiquette
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    Depends on the survice provided and how good of survice provided really.

    Restraunts its about 15% of the bill before tax, thats for normal to good survice, bad survice most people will leave atleast 5%, unless it was really bad survice and then they either leave nothing or a couple cents (e.g. giving your two cents), excelent service, anything over 15% is up to you.

    Not being a traveler, I'm not sure about hotel and shoffer (taxi) survices, I know some people tip for those types of survice, but I'm not the best person to ask there.

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    people will proceed to justify tipping interior the U. S. as long as servers are paid decrease than minimum salary. i'm no longer decrease priced and could tip for reliable provider. even with the undeniable fact that I refuse to furnish somebody a sprint added money for doing the activity they have been employed to do. concepts are referred to as gratitude considering's a fashion of thanking your server for going above and previous. maximum waiters right here comprehend this and are great at what they do; realistically they could desire to be or they do no longer make lots money. Frankly i admire the Australian equipment so lots extra powerful. everybody could desire to easily be paid a respectable salary and ideas should not be envisioned. Many different positions require an analogous style of provider and yet no concepts are given. that's like they intend to make a charity case out of eating out whilst that's needless to say no longer why people pass out to consume.

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    15 to 20%

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    The easiest way to do it is just to double the tax. Just remember that usually, alcohol isn't taxed, so if you order mostly drinks, remember to tip extra, $1 a round at the bar, and half that at the table. Enjoy your visit!

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    The average customer tips 15% as a gratuity. If you get above average service, 20%..

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